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A Note to Parents, Carers and Guardians

Helping advise your son or daughter about what option they might want to take when they leave school, including taking 'A' Levels, a Vocational work-related course, an Apprenticeship or work with training is an important and complex task, especially with the number of choices now open to young people.

Choosing a course at Selby College that provides the best prospects for your son or daughter's future involves considering a number of different things:

Firstly, we would recommend that your daughter or son look through the list of courses available in the Selby College Full-Time Guide. This guide gives details of the 'A' Level, Vocational and Apprenticeship courses currently provided at different levels; it also provides an indication of what your son or daughter might be able to progress onto once they have completed their college course, in terms of higher level courses at college, university courses or the types of jobs that they might want to apply for. Alternatively, the same information on courses and progression routes is available from the website, and can be accessed  by simply clicking on the 16-18+ sub brand header and then clicking on Courses, which are offered in alphabetical order.

You might also want to look at the college's Ofsted rating. Ofsted is an independent Government organisation responsible for checking the quality of provision offered by Further Education providers, like Selby College. In December 2017, Ofsted graded the college as ‘Good’ across all seven areas; Effectiveness of leadership & management; Quality of teaching, learning and assessment; Personal development, behaviour & welfare; Outcomes for learners; 16-19 study programmes; Adult learning programmes and Apprenticeships.

Selby College was the first college in Yorkshire and the Humber and one of the first colleges in the country to achieve Outstanding status back in 2007.