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Parent Comms

If you are a parent or guardian of a child attending Selby College, you can access all of the latest information and College news below. 

Follow this link to read our Remote Education statement.


26/01/2021 - Further update from Deputy Principal Liz Ridley 

Dear Student,

I hope that you are keeping well and re-adjusting to your remote college education. I am sure that you will have lots of questions and I am sorry that at present I have little in the way of concrete answers to give you, but what I can do is sign post you to sources of information or consultations taking place that you or your parents might wish to take part in.

I know that you will want to know when on campus learning will restart, and unfortunately I can’t give you a straightforward answer. It will almost certainly be after half-term and we should receive two weeks notification that we are able to re-start on-campus learning.  However, it is highly likely that we will have a phased return with remote learning continuing and the need to prioritise the students and courses we bring back first.  This will be planned on a sound educational and needs basis and we are already working up the plans for this.

During the two week notification of re-opening, we will be encouraging all students to book in for a lateral flow test, before they re-start their on-campus education. These tests are used to identify people with asymptomatic covid-19, once we reach that point we will circulate the current guidance and paperwork.  We have already commenced the rollout of the lateral flow tests with our staff and will be extending this to the small number of vulnerable and critical worker students attending campus. (Please note these tests are not suitable if you have tested positive for covid-19 recently, so please continue to inform us of any positive results, even if this does not impact your ability to undertake remote education)

I know another area of concern will be the process for determining grades and qualification outcomes for those of you who are due to finish a qualification or stage this year. This is what we can share thus far:

GCSE and A level

There is a consultation that is open to students, parent / carers and education staff which closes on 29th January. The link to participate is below:


BTEC and technical and vocational qualifications

There is a consultation that is open to students, parent / carers and education staff which closes on 29th January. The link to participate is below:


Higher Education

The Universities and Pearson, who validate the HE you study with us are working on their arrangements.  Hull has almost finalised its response and as soon as we receive it, we will share it with you and explain what it means.  We are awaiting further guidance from Huddersfield (PGCE / Cert Ed) and Pearson (HNC / HND)


This is an even more varied situation as each standard has a different end point assessment body and also incorporates functional skills (which have other rules).  The picture is linked to both the workplace setting and the assessment body, so if you have questions, please talk to you tutor or assessor.

As ever the DFE is keeping their webpage with information and guidance updated.  It can be accessed via:


As ever, if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the College for help, support and advice.

Kind regards


Deputy Principal

07/01/2021 - A video message from Principal Phil Sayles, to students and parents: 


05/01/2021 - Update regarding College closure following Government lockdown announcement

Dear Student / Parent,

This is a short e-mail to confirm that the College is working through the implications of the latest lockdown and pause in all learning on campus, which is expected to last until at least February half term. Learning will continue online for everyone.

Your tutor will have been in contact about online learning already planned for this and next week. This will continue as planned, while we make arrangements to extend it. (Pathways and Entry Level students should expect a letter in the post to your parent or guardian confirming the learning plans)

Please keep checking your college e-mails and ensure you keep your GST informed  of your current mobile number, so that we have a range of ways for reaching you.

We will ensure that payments from Free College Meals and Bursaries are processed via BACS and paid into your bank account next week.

We have taken the decision to postpone the BTEC exams that were due to be held over the next couple of weeks. You (or your child) will know if you are due to sit one and your tutor will contact you with further information.

It is imperative that you keep progressing with your courses. Whilst there will be changes to the summer exams and assessments, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be grades and if we are asked to provide evidence of your ability, this will be based on the work you complete, including that undertaken during the lockdown period.

If you have any concerns or need support due to worries about study or other aspects of life, please contact your GST if you are a full time student, or your assessor / main tutor if you are any adult or apprentice.

Kind regards



31/12/2020 - Update regarding January restart following Government announcement regarding schools and colleges returning 

Dear Student,

I am writing to confirm Selby Colleges’ plans for the January restart, following the announcements made late yesterday afternoon (30th December 2020).

All students, including full time 16–18-year-olds, adults, apprentices and HE students must not attend college during w/c 4th January.  Our taught remote learning offer will commence on Wednesday 6th January, to give staff time to switch to teaching lessons via google meet.  During Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th, please access your google classroom for self-directed study and assessments and further guidance about your lessons for the next three weeks. From Wednesday 6th January you should access google classroom and google meet for your scheduled lessons.

We will provide onsite education for children of vulnerable students and children of key workers from 6th January.  To arrange this please contact baxterr@selby.ac.uk by 11.30am on Tuesday 5th January 2021.

We are following the communications from the DFE about the lateral flow test roll out for 16–18-year-old students and will meet on 4th January to take stock of where things are and plan the next steps. As and when we have clarity, we will naturally communicate with you as soon as possible.

Please continue to use covid19@selby.ac.uk to inform us of any covid related results, or self-isolations, as and when they occur.

If possible, please also follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts for further updates, you can find us @selbycollege

Kind regards



Tuesday, 15th of December - Final Update of 2020 

Dear Parent, Carer or Guardian

Further to my e-mail the other week, I promised I would provide a final update prior to Christmas alerting you to any further changes and our plans for the students to return in January. As I expected, there have been a couple of updates to the DFE guidance, mainly linked to the exams announcements heavily publicised last week, and also the reduction in days that students need to self-isolate following contact with a positive case. I have included  these updates at the end of this e-mail.


Remote learning expectations

We have pulled together some further advice for students about our expectations with remote lessons the key points are:

  •           Attend promptly according to your timetable. A register will be taken as usual.
  •           Just as if you were in college, you should stay in the Google Classroom for the duration of the lesson.
  •           You will start the lesson in the Google Meet and participate in the Google Meet and Classroom as directed by your tutor for the duration of the lesson.
  •           By remaining in the Google Classroom the teacher can ensure pace of learning.
  •           As in a real classroom, your tutor will not be presenting all the time. The majority of the time will be used for you to complete tasks and feedback when requested.
  •           Because the online medium is different, some activities will be organised differently so they work better online.
  •           We are not enforcing that you are on camera but we do expect you to share your screens, complete activities and unmute your mic on request.
  •           Do not misuse the chat. It is for teaching and learning. You should still conduct yourself as if you are in a class – the expectations of attention, focus, contributions and politeness are still the same.
  •           You will still be set independent work to complete outside of your remote lessons as usual.
  •           Managers may join your Google meet sessions to get a feel for your experience as a student

Covid reporting over Christmas and in the New Year

It is imperative that any positive cases in students that are identified from 17th December onwards are reported immediately to the College, so that we can undertake the test and trace work and issue self-isolation letters, if needed.  As we will have a minimal staff on site, please would you report all positive covid results in students to covid19@selby.ac.uk. You may not be aware, but the DFE asks the education providers to undertake the test and trace work within their establishments, and the national test and trace team focus on external contacts.  It is imperative therefore,  that even though this will not impact student attendance, you still let us know, so that we can do the necessary follow up work and reporting to public health.

DFE update

The update I mentioned above is linked here:


The main updates relate to the exams concessions for GCSE and A levels that were highlighted in the press last week.  We are now starting to receive updates from the individual awarding bodies about what this will mean for individual exams. The salient details from these will be shared with students in the New Year, once we have the full information.

The other update relates to the reduction in days from 14 to 10 for people needing to self-isolate.  As we are so close to the end of term for the few students that are self-isolating, we are asking that you continue to access your remote learning for the 14 days, as your lessons have already been planned in for this week.

Finally, I want to thank you for all the help, support and cooperation we have had during this challenging year. We have all seen significant changes to our lives, and everyone at Selby College really appreciates the way you have worked with us to make our education as “normal” , yet as safe as possible.

I wish you all a peaceful, safe and restful Christmas and New Year

Best wishes


Liz Ridley
Deputy Principal


Thursday, 3rd of December - Parent Consultations

Dear Parent,

Due to Covid-19, we are unable to hold our usual parents’ evenings in December at the college. However, we do still want you to have the opportunity to talk with college staff to discuss student progress.

We are offering the opportunity to either have a remote meeting on Google Meet or a phone call. We are asking students to book these appointments on your behalf. The appointments will be booked via the student’s Google classroom in that subject.
Students will be offered a selection of times by their tutors to book on their course calendar, and this will generate a link to join a meeting at that chosen time.

Alternatively, the member of staff can call you by phone at that time. If the times offered are not convenient for you then we will endeavour to find one at an alternative time, which your child can arrange on your behalf.

If you are having difficulties with this then please contact your child’s GST (Guidance and Support Tutor) who will contact staff for you.

To see current progress please ask your child to log you onto their eTrackr page https://etracker.selby.ac.uk/Login. The progress audits there show current predicted grades and comments about their individual progress. Again, if you are unable to access it in this way then contact your child’s GST.

We hope that you are able to take this opportunity to talk to staff, but remember that at any time you have questions or concerns about your student you can contact college via the GST in the first instance.

Yours faithfully,

Steve Fowler
Director of Curriculum Operations and Head of Sixth Form