05.03.2021— We're ready to start welcoming you back into College from Monday 8th March, so that each student will have at least one week of education in College before Easter. Read more

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  • Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Selby College Latest Information

    05/03/21 - Preparing to welcome you back to College

    Dear Student,

    This is the final communication this week about the phased return, starting on Monday.

    We are all really looking forward to seeing you start to return back to the College from the 8th, so that all full time students on Further Education Courses will have at least one week of on-site learning prior to the Easter break.

    We will be working hard with you to catch up, participate in the practical learning and assessments that you couldn’t undertake whilst learning remotely, and check how you are doing. If there is anything else we can help you with, so that you feel able to continue productively with your studies, feel safe and well and ultimately get the outcomes you are capable of and successfully move on to your next stage, please let us know by discussing this with your GST or tutor.

    We know that some of you may be feeling a bit anxious after the period of remote learning, but we are here to help and support you and work with you to get back on track.

    In preparation for being back on site, please ensure you have all the equipment and resources you will need including:
    • Mask(s)
    • Pens / Pencils and writing equipment
    • Contactless payment methods (if you are using the refectory for your lunch – which will be a grab and go selection)
    • Any specialist course related equipment (kits etc)
    • Uniforms / PPE / kits if you need them

    We have prepared this short video outlining the main changes you will see on site:

    You must tell us, as soon as possible, if you are not coming in and are scheduled to be in College, especially if this is due to covid-19 self-isolations.

    For those of you still on remote learning, it is important that you continue to access your lessons and keep on top of your work, so that when you are in at College you can get the most out of your face to face lessons.

    Have a good weekend and we will start to see you in person next week.

    Liz Ridley, Deputy Principal

    04/03/2021 - Returning to campus and testing on-site 

    Dear Student,

    This is my second e-mail to you as we get ready to welcome you back to college from 8th March.

    Firstly, I wanted to say thank you to all of you who have given your consent for the lateral flow tests on your return. If you have not done so, Please click here complete the consent form

    You will have started to receive your e-mails from your tutors with your individual timetables. We are planning for all 16-19 full time students to have a minimum of 1 week of lessons on site before the Easter holidays and then have you all back as normal after Easter, subject to DFE advice.  If you are unsure about your individual return plan, please contact your GST; or tutor / assessor if you are an adult or apprentice.

    I now want to talk about some of the practical details of welcoming you back to site.  Most of what I will highlight below is familiar to you from the first term, but there are some changes. We know how well you adapted to the covid arrangements in September and know that you will work hard with us to keep the College a safe place to learn and work. To help refresh your memories about the covid induction we did in September,  I have attached the top 10 safety tips, which we have just updated slightly to highlight the change around masks, outlined below. (I need to check the top 10 – so not attached to this draft)


    The most significant change you will experience, is that we require masks to be worn at all times when inside, including in the classrooms.  The only exceptions to this, will be previously approved exemptions and / or where you tutor permits removal.  (This will be for a small range of exceptions).  As you will be wearing a mask for the majority of your time at college and also if you are travelling on public transport, you will probably need access to at least two well-fitting masks per day.  We will have a good supply of disposable masks, so if you need to change your mask during the day, we will be able to help you.

    Here is a link to a reminder about how to wear a mask correctly, including storage of all masks and the maintenance of re-usable face coverings. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/explainers-53517968


    Arriva will be commencing all routes and enabling the connect cards from 8th March, so everything will be back to normal for those of you coming in via buses

    Refectory and Food

    The refectory will re-open from 8th March with a grab and go service, similar to the offer we had during December. To help you maintain your bubbles we will have a rota for when groups can access the refectory. Remember we have a contactless payments system. If you choose to eat in the refectory you will need to sit at tables with your class bubble.  Whilst you are eating, this is the only time it is permissible to remove your mask and it must be replaced as soon as you are finished.  We will also need you to vacate the table as soon as you are finished, so that it can be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the next group

    Bursary and free meals

    For the three weeks up to Easter we will continue to pay your meals allocation into your nominated bank account.  This means that you will either need to use a contactless card / app; or transfer funds via wisepay to your college badge

    We are genuinely looking forward to seeing you in person. It has been such a long time since we last saw you in the middle of December and we know that, like us, most of you are keen to get back to face to face learning and a more normal routine, especially those on practical courses who spend most of their time in workshops and practical learning spaces.

    There will be one further update on Friday, with a video and then we look forward to seeing you in person 😊

    Take care and see you soon



    26/02/2021 - Return to campus and Covid-19 testing 

    Dear Student,

    This if the first in a series of e-mails we are going to be sending to you, as we get ready to safely welcome you back in to college from 8th March. This one focuses on the processes we need to set up to allow lateral flow testing, but there will be more to follow that focus on the changes to health and safety around the site, transport/bursaries and also the specific returning instructions for your courses.

    For background, we have been asked to ensure all students, staff and people working on site have been offered lateral flow device tests to enable the identification of people who have Covid-19, but who do not have symptoms, in order to reduce transmission in education. The test is voluntary and free, and everyone is encouraged to take it. The latest guidance states that when returning to College, students should be offered three Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests spaced 3 to 5 days apart.

    In preparation, we are asking all students to complete a consent form in advance of returning to College, to enable us to start registering and testing students ready for their return to face to face learning. Consent is being captured in an online portal, that also gives you further information about the terms of consent you are providing and how your data will be processed.

    Please click here complete the consent form

    Once you have completed your consent form, we are also inviting students who can easily get into college to volunteer for a test from Wednesday 3rd March until Friday 5th March. Appointments are available from 08:00 to 16:00. We have capacity to delivery approximately 200 tests per day. (If you can’t get in to college during these dates, do not worry, we will be testing groups, as and when they return). As part of completing your consent form you can request a test, to make it as straightforward as possible.

    Those taking the test will be supervised by trained College staff. The lateral flow tests are quick and easy, using a swab of your nose and throat. Results (which take around half an hour from testing) will be sent directly to the mobile phone number and email address you have provided.

    Testing will be offered free of charge, of course.

    We strongly advise all students to download the NHS Covid-19 app and register an NHS Test and Trace account when booking their first test. This will significantly speed up the pre-test registration process, but further information will be provided once a test is booked. Click on this link for further advice: https://covid19.nhs.uk/

    If you cannot get in to college in advance, please do not worry, we will be testing all students, who have given consent, as and when they return back to site

    If you have any further questions or comments, please contact the testing team via email at covidtest@selby.ac.uk.

    Please remember, if you are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms, DO NOT attend College. Stay at home and book at test via NHS 119 or https://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test.

    Best wishes

    Liz Ridley

    Deputy Principal


    24/02/2021 - Update regarding the return to campus 

    Dear Student,

    You will no doubt be aware of the announcement by the Prime Minister that the intention is for learning to recommence in schools and colleges from 8th March, with local discretion over exact scheduling and timescales.

    We are very pleased that this includes colleges and all categories of students and apprentices. Therefore, we are  currently planning for a phased return from that date that will bring all students and apprentices into college before Easter for some on-site face to face and practical learning.

    Our ambition as always, is to have all learners safely on site and on timetable.  We are therefore working up plans that will be fair, prioritise those courses most at need and will allow us to schedule lateral flow Covid tests to all returners on, or even before the return to college, hopefully from next week. We are also revisiting our guidance and ground rules to ensure a safe environment for learners and staff.

    We will contact you again this week, so that we can start the process of  requesting your consent to be tested, as well as with details of how the system will work and how you can book in for your test. You will be contacted by department staff with your specific timetable details and return date for your course.

    Please bear with us while we work through the details, and in the meantime continue with your remote learning.

    We are really excited that it won’t be long until you can be attending back in college and look forward to seeing you soon.

    Kind regards


    Deputy Principal


    12/02/2021 - Update from Deputy Principal Liz Ridley ahead of half-term 

    Dear Student,

    I thought I would catch up with you before the February half-term break. 

    I know that we have all had a half-term of differences and challenges compared to what we anticipated when we left for the Christmas break. This to me has felt like a very long half-term, so I expect that many of you are feeling the same. 

    When many of us went into the first lockdown just less than a year ago, it was with concern, but also a lack of awareness of just how long the battle with the virus would take and how profoundly our lives would change as a result.  Now almost one year in, we all realise that the impact is not just on health if we catch the virus, but on our emotional and mental health as long periods of lockdown and significant changes to our “normal” lives stretches on.  The impact of remote learning, teaching and working and the monotony of the routine and lack of variety in our days .  The constant vigilance around “Hands. Face. Space.” in order to protect each other.  The limited social contact and restrictions on seeing friends, family and loved ones that we had previously taken for granted.  We understand these can  all take their toll.  This is why we are encouraging you and our colleagues to take  the half-term break to have some proper down time, away from screens and work. 

    During half term we will not expect you to log in to classrooms for learning or respond to e-mails, but we would expect that you keep on top of the work that has been set over this last half-term and ensure you are up to date with everything. If you have any concerns about this or feel you need some support with work that has been set, please contact your GST, Assessor or Tutor.  

    We will have the same expectations of our colleagues that they will take some leave time and not be e-mailing or doing work in their classrooms during this time.  So if you do contact us during half-term and receive an out of office mail, it will let you know when we are taking some days off and when we will return to work.  I also wanted to remind you that Monday 22nd February is a training day for our staff, so there will be no timetabled lessons on that day, but we do expect to see you bright and ready to learn from Tuesday 23rd February, depending on your individual timetable.

    Before we break up on Friday, those of you who receive free college meals and free bursary meals will receive their payments into bank accounts for the last period of the half-term.  There are no College payments for the half-term holiday, but for those that received the vouchers over Christmas, there will be a voucher coming to you in the post during half-term.

    We are continuing to make plans for your return, which according to government statements might be from  Monday 8th March.  We will give you as much advanced notice of these arrangements as we can do, once we have the green light from the DFE, but it will probably be limited numbers on some courses for a clear purpose.  We will seek to do lateral flow Covid tests prior to your first lesson.  There will be more information sent via your course teams, as we prepare for this.

    In the meantime we have a small number of Further Education students working in college who are classed as ‘vulnerable’.  We may reach out to others we consider may be at risk through a prolonged period of remote learning;  in which case we will contact you directly.

    We are also keeping abreast of the announcements and arrangements that will confirm how grades and qualifications will be awarded this year.  At the moment there is nothing new to update you with, following the closure of the consultation, but as we get information we will share it with you, again at course level, so you know what it means directly for the qualification you are studying.

    It only leaves me to say, as always stay safe and look after yourselves and see you soon

    Kind regards


    Liz Ridley
    Deputy Principal


    Follow this link to read our Remote Education statement.

    26/01/2021 - Further update from Deputy Principal Liz Ridley 

    Dear Student,

    I hope that you are keeping well and re-adjusting to your remote college education. I am sure that you will have lots of questions and I am sorry that at present I have little in the way of concrete answers to give you, but what I can do is sign post you to sources of information or consultations taking place that you or your parents might wish to take part in.

    I know that you will want to know when on campus learning will restart, and unfortunately I can’t give you a straightforward answer. It will almost certainly be after half-term and we should receive two weeks notification that we are able to re-start on-campus learning.  However, it is highly likely that we will have a phased return with remote learning continuing and the need to prioritise the students and courses we bring back first.  This will be planned on a sound educational and needs basis and we are already working up the plans for this.

    During the two week notification of re-opening, we will be encouraging all students to book in for a lateral flow test, before they re-start their on-campus education. These tests are used to identify people with asymptomatic covid-19, once we reach that point we will circulate the current guidance and paperwork.  We have already commenced the rollout of the lateral flow tests with our staff and will be extending this to the small number of vulnerable and critical worker students attending campus. (Please note these tests are not suitable if you have tested positive for covid-19 recently, so please continue to inform us of any positive results, even if this does not impact your ability to undertake remote education)

    I know another area of concern will be the process for determining grades and qualification outcomes for those of you who are due to finish a qualification or stage this year. This is what we can share thus far:

    GCSE and A level

    There is a consultation that is open to students, parent / carers and education staff which closes on 29th January. The link to participate is below:


    BTEC and technical and vocational qualifications

    There is a consultation that is open to students, parent / carers and education staff which closes on 29th January. The link to participate is below:


    Higher Education

    The Universities and Pearson, who validate the HE you study with us are working on their arrangements.  Hull has almost finalised its response and as soon as we receive it, we will share it with you and explain what it means.  We are awaiting further guidance from Huddersfield (PGCE / Cert Ed) and Pearson (HNC / HND)


    This is an even more varied situation as each standard has a different end point assessment body and also incorporates functional skills (which have other rules).  The picture is linked to both the workplace setting and the assessment body, so if you have questions, please talk to you tutor or assessor.

    As ever the DFE is keeping their webpage with information and guidance updated.  It can be accessed via:


    As ever, if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the College for help, support and advice.

    Kind regards


    Deputy Principal


    08/01/2021 - Update from Deputy Principal Liz Ridley 

    Dear Student,

    I know that this is a worrying and concerning time for all of you, but the college is here for you.

    I wanted to let you know that I am hearing so many positive things about the effort and quality of work you are already producing in your remote lessons. Hopefully I will be able to share some good news stories about this in the future.

    I also wanted to thank you for the support we have received from you about our decision to postpone the BTEC exams. I know many of you had spent a significant time preparing and are understandably worried about your own circumstances. However, you used and applied the knowledge and skills you have developed to think critically and endorsed the decision for the benefit of our wider community.

    The bulk of this message is here to provide you with some further updates and also to reflect the changes that have been announced over the last couple of days.

    Exams, assessment and qualification achievement.

    There has been a clear decision to cancel the Summer exams for GCSEs and A levels and move to a system that focuses on teacher assessment. It will almost certainly take a couple of weeks for the awarding bodies to publish their guidanceNow is the time to look at the work you are doing and have done this year, ensure it is to your highest standards and if there are any areas, that you are concerned you didn’t show your true ability, discuss options with your tutors now.

    What I do know is imperative, is that all students and apprentices continue to work hard in their remote lessons and at the work set by staff.  Any calculation of grades will have to use a full range of evidence and this will include work completed remotely, and almost certainly work also completed once we return to campus.

    We are conscious that A levels and GCSEs are only one of a wide number of exams that students undertake with us, so we are also working with our awarding bodies to understand their revised processes for BTECs and other technical and vocational qualifications at level 3 and below.  As yet there is nothing further to update you on, following our decision to postpone the BTEC exams due to take place now, but as and when things are published we will share these with you.

    Our HE students will be contacted as we get updates from the Universities and Pearson.  It appears that for Hull students there will be the reapplication of the no detriment policy, which we will share with you as soon as we have the details.

    We also have a number of Apprentices who are at varying stages of their Apprenticeship journey, we will work with your employers and end point assessment bodies to understand when and if exams can take place.

    Vulnerable and Critical Worker Education

    The students that requested a place in college have now started accessing the site on their normal college days and are then undertaking their remote learning from our hub support centre.  We have also issued devices and peripherals to all students who have requested them and meet the criteria for device loans.

    Bursary and Free College Meal Payments

    The students entitled to meal payments when they are in college will receive a payment equivalent to 2 weeks meals into their bank account next week, to cover this week and next week. We will continue with the fortnightly payments for the duration of the lockdown.  This means that if you are in college 3 days per week, you would receive £21.  This is our £3.50 meal allocation for the 6 days you would have been in college during the fortnight.

    If your family circumstances have unfortunately changed since September you may be entitled to bursary help and support.  I have attached the link to our student support page here https://selby.ac.uk/studying-at-selby-college/student-support/

    Pastoral and wellbeing support

    We know that college offers much more than an education, it is a place to meet your friends, access help, support and advice and gives you a routine and a purpose.  All of our support services remain in place, just delivered via a different means.  

    • Through your google classroom you can keep in touch with your classmates and teacher and we are structuring lessons to ensure that there are still collaborative learning elements, so that you continue to have the relationships with your peers, as well as the tutor. 
    • Our Counselling service continues to run, so if you feel you need to access it contact your GST or tutor / assessor. 
    • We are still delivering a full careers service, so if you are wondering about your next steps, or need to talk to someone about advice, if you are now thinking about a different route please ask your GST or tutor / assessor to help you make an appointment.

    Our GST team will be making contact with each 16-19 student regularly to check you are ok and chase up any absences from lessons.  We are continuing to take registers for each of your timetabled lessons, and we will also be marking your effort and engagement weekly.

    For our HE, Adult and Apprentices your tutor / assessor will be your key point of contact for any pastoral concerns. 

    I think that is probably enough for now, but we will keep in regular contact with you and aim to answer any questions you may have.

    Kind regards


    07/01/2021 - A video message from Principal Phil Sayles to students and parents:

    05/01/2021 - Update regarding College closure following Government lockdown announcement

    Dear Student / Parent,

    This is a short e-mail to confirm that the College is working through the implications of the latest lockdown and pause in all learning on campus, which is expected to last until at least February half term. Learning will continue online for everyone.

    Your tutor will have been in contact about online learning already planned for this and next week. This will continue as planned, while we make arrangements to extend it. (Pathways and Entry Level students should expect a letter in the post to your parent or guardian confirming the learning plans)

    Please keep checking your college e-mails and ensure you keep your GST informed  of your current mobile number, so that we have a range of ways for reaching you.

    We will ensure that payments from Free College Meals and Bursaries are processed via BACS and paid into your bank account next week.

    We have taken the decision to postpone the BTEC exams that were due to be held over the next couple of weeks. You (or your child) will know if you are due to sit one and your tutor will contact you with further information.

    It is imperative that you keep progressing with your courses. Whilst there will be changes to the summer exams and assessments, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be grades and if we are asked to provide evidence of your ability, this will be based on the work you complete, including that undertaken during the lockdown period.

    If you have any concerns or need support due to worries about study or other aspects of life, please contact your GST if you are a full time student, or your assessor / main tutor if you are any adult or apprentice.

    Kind regards



    31/12/2020 - Update regarding January restart following Government announcement regarding schools and colleges returning 

    Dear Student,

    I am writing to confirm Selby Colleges’ plans for the January restart, following the announcements made late yesterday afternoon (30th December 2020).

    All students, including full time 16–18-year-olds, adults, apprentices and HE students must not attend college during w/c 4th January.  Our taught remote learning offer will commence on Wednesday 6th January, to give staff time to switch to teaching lessons via google meet.  During Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th, please access your google classroom for self-directed study and assessments and further guidance about your lessons for the next three weeks. From Wednesday 6th January you should access google classroom and google meet for your scheduled lessons.

    We will provide onsite education for children of vulnerable students and children of key workers from 6th January.  To arrange this please contact baxterr@selby.ac.uk by 11.30am on Tuesday 5th January 2021.

    We are following the communications from the DFE about the lateral flow test roll out for 16–18-year-old students and will meet on 4th January to take stock of where things are and plan the next steps. As and when we have clarity, we will naturally communicate with you as soon as possible.

    Please continue to use covid19@selby.ac.uk to inform us of any covid related results, or self-isolations, as and when they occur.

    If possible, please also follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts for further updates, you can find us @selbycollege

    Kind regards



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    Selby College Top 10 Safety Actions 

    Principal and CEO of Selby College Phil Sayles, reveals the College's Top Ten Actions to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.



    15/12/2020 - Final Update of 2020 

    Dear Parent, Carer or Guardian

    Further to my e-mail the other week, I promised I would provide a final update prior to Christmas alerting you to any further changes and our plans for the students to return in January. As I expected, there have been a couple of updates to the DFE guidance, mainly linked to the exams announcements heavily publicised last week, and also the reduction in days that students need to self-isolate following contact with a positive case. I have included  these updates at the end of this e-mail.

    January return

    We have decided to extend the current rotation for some Level 3 and Higher Education students through for the first two weeks in January.  This means that those students who moved to increased remote delivery in November will also have w/c 4th January and 11th January on the same rotation plan.  The exact plans and scheduling will be confirmed by tutors in lessons and via e-mail.

    Remote learning expectations

    We have pulled together some further advice for students about our expectations with remote lessons the key points are:

    •           Attend promptly according to your timetable. A register will be taken as usual.
    •           Just as if you were in college, you should stay in the Google Classroom for the duration of the lesson.
    •           You will start the lesson in the Google Meet and participate in the Google Meet and Classroom as directed by your tutor for the duration of the lesson.
    •           By remaining in the Google Classroom the teacher can ensure pace of learning.
    •           As in a real classroom, your tutor will not be presenting all the time. The majority of the time will be used for you to complete tasks and feedback when requested.
    •           Because the online medium is different, some activities will be organised differently so they work better online.
    •           We are not enforcing that you are on camera but we do expect you to share your screens, complete activities and unmute your mic on request.
    •           Do not misuse the chat. It is for teaching and learning. You should still conduct yourself as if you are in a class – the expectations of attention, focus, contributions and politeness are still the same.
    •           You will still be set independent work to complete outside of your remote lessons as usual.
    •           Managers may join your Google meet sessions to get a feel for your experience as a student

    Covid reporting over Christmas and in the New Year

    It is imperative that any positive cases in students that are identified from 17th December onwards are reported immediately to the College, so that we can undertake the test and trace work and issue self-isolation letters, if needed.  As we will have a minimal staff on site, please would you report all positive covid results in students to covid19@selby.ac.uk. You may not be aware, but the DFE asks the education providers to undertake the test and trace work within their establishments, and the national test and trace team focus on external contacts.  It is imperative therefore,  that even though this will not impact student attendance, you still let us know, so that we can do the necessary follow up work and reporting to public health.

    DFE update

    The update I mentioned above is linked here:


    The main updates relate to the exams concessions for GCSE and A levels that were highlighted in the press last week.  We are now starting to receive updates from the individual awarding bodies about what this will mean for individual exams. The salient details from these will be shared with students in the New Year, once we have the full information.

    The other update relates to the reduction in days from 14 to 10 for people needing to self-isolate.  As we are so close to the end of term for the few students that are self-isolating, we are asking that you continue to access your remote learning for the 14 days, as your lessons have already been planned in for this week.

    Finally, I want to thank you for all the help, support and cooperation we have had during this challenging year. We have all seen significant changes to our lives, and everyone at Selby College really appreciates the way you have worked with us to make our education as “normal” , yet as safe as possible.

    I wish you all a peaceful, safe and restful Christmas and New Year

    Best wishes


    Liz Ridley
    Deputy Principal


    12/11/2020 - Message to Level 3 and Higher Education students regarding remote learning 


    Dear Parent, Carer or Guardian,

    Remote Learning Plans for Full Time Level 3 learners.

    At the start of the academic year the college took the decision that following a period of student induction we would, as far as possible, operate a full timetable in college for all students. This has remained our objective and we have given Selby students an advantage over those at many other colleges who have operated with reduced timetables or substantial periods of remote delivery. Students have been able to get on with learning and demonstrating practical skills, banking unit achievement and getting to know their tutors and peers.

    This arrangement has been kept under review by our Senior Leadership Team and Board of Governors. Now, with the onset of winter and the national Covid situation changing, we have decided that the time is right to move some delivery into a remote learning pattern. This is to remove pressure on transport and the public areas of college as well as reducing general risks for students and staff.

    These changes only affect our level 3 full time students and all of those involved have received a message confirming this, and should have shared it with you. The communication highlights the rota that they will be working to, from Monday 16th November until we break up for Christmas. The delivery pattern will be reviewed in December with a view to returning to normal in January. We will communicate the outcomes of this review with you as quickly as possible, so you know what you are planning for after Christmas.

    We will continue to deliver all lessons according to the students’ individual timetables, including GCSE resits and tutorial sessions during this period. When working remotely, students are expected to log into their google classroom at the start of each timetabled lesson and be present and uninterrupted for the full duration. The staff are not expected to deliver to the whole group continuously for 90 minutes; there will be independent and group work set during this time to spread the cognitive load on the students and mirror the experience they would have within a classroom.

    We will continue to take registers to record the students who were present and fully engaging in the lessons. We will also arrange for any students accessing bursary for college meals to receive a payment for the days they are not in at College. (Those students affected will receive a separate letter.)

    We have asked any students moving to this rotation who are concerned about access to appropriate technology at home to let us know, so that we can support them. However, they can still come onto site to use college equipment as they need to during standard opening hours.


    The college staff will have been working with students over this week to ensure they are confident with our expectations and are comfortable about how to access their google classroom away from the College.

    The changes the college is making are in line with the DFE guidance to further education providers and can be found here in the ‘mode of delivery’ section:

    There is also guidance for parents and carers of children in a range of settings including Further Education Colleges here:

    I hope that this letter helps you understand the short-term changes we are making and why. I hope that this reassures you that we continue, in everything we do, to put the student and the quality of their education at the forefront, whilst managing a changing and dynamic situation.

    Yours faithfully

    Liz Ridley
    Deputy Principal

    19/10/2020 - An update from Principal Phil Sayles, as we near the end of the first half term: 


    24/09/2020 - Covid-19 Related Student Absence – Quick Reference Guide

    4/09/2020 - Frequently Asked Questions regarding Coronavirus

    Q     If I have symptoms or have tested positive for covid 19 who do I report it to at College?

    A     Call the College on (01757) 211000 between the hours of 8.15am and 5.00pm. Alternatively email on covid19@selby.ac.uk  or notify the College via the enotify app.


    Q             I have had a test but not got the results back yet, do I need to stay away from College?

    A             Yes, if you have had symptoms and had a test you should not come back to College until you have had your results back. If the results are negative you can come back straight away. If the results are positive you should self-isolate for 10 days from when you received your results.


    Q     Ive got asthma and struggle when I have to wear a face mask – am I ok not to wear one when I am at College?

    A    For anyone who has a medical reason for not being able to wear a mask, you should collect an exemption form from reception, complete it and return.  Reception will send it to the relevant support team and then inform the student of the outcome. If the reason is acceptable the student will be issued with a pin badge to identify them as someone who does not need to wear a face covering. You should attach this to your lanyard.


    • I am anxious about coming in to College as I don’t want to be around so many people, am I able to study from home?

    We encourage all students to attend College when they are scheduled to do so, as we are not able to conduct individual online lessons. However, going forward it is likely that some lessons will be online for some classes. If you need to speak to someone about your anxieties please contact your Guidance Support Tutor (GST) in the first instance.

    • If you have confirmed covid cases at the College, will the College close?

    We are continually monitoring the situation and are regularly in touch with Public Health England. It is highly unlikely that the whole College will close if we get a few cases as we will just isolate those particular classes. We will keep everyone informed of any changes and will take any precautions necessary.

    • If the College closes how will you let me know?

    For any major announcements we use a variety of methods – the website, our social media channels (Twitter and Facebook) and we usually either email or text students too.

    • How will I find out if there is a positive covid case in my class?

    We have a response team within the College so that when we are notified of a suspected case we notify all of the relevant people who have been in close contact. Please be assured that if we are made aware of anyone in your class being suspected of having coronavirus, we will notify you as soon as possible with an official letter that also signposts you to areas of support and advice.

    • Do we have to bring in our own food and drinks?

    You can bring in your own food and drinks but we do have a new catering supplier in our refectory, who is offering some great food from 8.30am to 1.30pm. There are designated areas in the College for eating and drinking.

    • What do I need to do if I start feeling unwell whilst I am at College?

    If you have one or more of the 3 main symptoms of Covid 19 (high temperature, new continuous cough or loss of taste or smell) then you should advise your tutor or a member of staff who will escort you to our Isolation room. Following this, you should make arrangements to go home as soon as possible (not by public transport).

    • If there is a local lockdown will the College close?

    It is unlikely that the College will close in the event of a local lockdown but we will continue to monitor the situation and follow the latest government guidance.

    • If I have to self-isolate how will I keep up with my course?

    When the College is made aware of you having to self-isolate, your course tutor or GST will be in touch to ensure you are able to keep up with your studies. We use Google classroom for our remote and digital learning to ensure you can keep up with your class.

    • If I have to self-isolate how will I do my practical lessons?

    Once you have finished your self-isolation and are back at College, your course tutor will ensure you catch up on any practical work missed.

    • Do I need to social distance and wear a mask on the bus to College?

    You have to wear a mask on the College mini-bus and on the Arriva buses (unless you have a declared medical reason for not doing so). On the College mini-bus and on dedicated College bus services you do not need to socially distance, but on public transport you do. We expect our students to act in a sensible manner on all transport showing courtesy to others.

    • I don’t feel comfortable getting on a crowded bus so can I study from home?

    We encourage all students to attend College when they are scheduled to do so, as we are not able to conduct individual online lessons. However, going forward it is likely that some lessons will be online for some classes. If you need to speak to someone about your anxieties please contact your GST in the first instance.

    22/09/2020 - Important information re Covid-19

    Dear Parent and/or student,
    The term has started well at Selby College. Students are overwhelmingly happy to be out of lockdown and back in education. College staff are pleased to see them in person too. We need to keep it that way.
    We are very concerned about the rise in Covid-19 cases in the Selby area, as I'm sure you are.
    We need to take every precaution to keep everyone safe, and do our bit to keep cases down, thus supporting the economy and education in the area.
    We are inevitably seeing some positive cases amongst the student population, and a higher number of people needing to self-isolate.
    We are responding quickly and decisively to these cases and taking action to limit the risk of spread.
    We are following Public Health advice and procedures, constantly reinforcing the right behaviours, communicating and listening to pick up emerging issues.
    We need your help with some key things, especially due to national issues with accessing tests and the speed of results.
    1.       We need fast notification from the student or yourselves if:
    a.       They may have been exposed to someone with evident Coronavirus symptoms, or who has a positive test result.
    b.       They begin to feel unwell themselves with the Coronavirus symptoms of temperature, a new cough or loss of taste and smell.
    c.       They receive a positive Covid-19 test result.
    The best way for full-time students 16-19 to contact us is to use the e-notify app. If that cannot happen, or they are on a different programme (apprentice, HE etc) please ring College Reception on (01757 211000) or e-mail covid19@selby.ac.uk
    2.       We need your help to enable students to be in control of their social interactions. While there is scope for Covid-19 to spread in other settings, the overwhelming evidence we have so far from our experiences, is that social interactions, including parties, or within extended families, are the prime way infection is spreading. Outside of College students need to keep within the ‘rule of 6’ and maintain social distancing from anyone not in their family or study bubble, if we are to reduce the case rate. If they use buses, students must wear and keep on face-coverings on buses, unless they are exempt for medical reasons.
    Now we have met, or met again, all students, we are preparing to use more online learning: as a matter of course, and in case of further lockdowns. Education will also continue on campus for all students for some or all of the time. Students are doing very well complying with the need to wear face-coverings in public areas of the College and using hand sanitiser.
    If you need to self-isolate, you will get a specific, separate letter about that. This is a general communication.
    Thank you,
    Phil Sayles,


    01/09/2020 - Update regarding use of face coverings in communal areas of College

    Dear students,

    We are really keen to welcome you back to campus over the next few weeks for induction days and for the start of the new term on Wednesday 16th September. We, as you, want to get back to education on campus.

    As we prepare for a full return in the coming weeks, we are continuing to follow Government guidance to ensure that  our students and staff are able to learn and work safely.

    Following on from a new statement from the World Health Organisation (WHO), the government has revised its guidance on face coverings for staff and students in Year 7 and above in England. Schools and Colleges now have the discretion to require face coverings in communal areas.

    Therefore, the College has made the decision that all students and staff will have to wear face coverings in corridors, stairs, toilets and other indoor communal areas on the Selby College campus.

    This will not apply to students or staff who cannot wear masks for medical reasons.

    We are not encouraging students to wear face coverings during lessons apart from in specific workshops or settings it is not possible to social distance. This is because they make communication more difficult. However, students are able to wear face coverings at any time if they wish to do so. Most staff will not wear face coverings in class, but some may choose or need to wear them in class for medical reasons.

    Social distancing and other safety measures will also be in place and the College has implemented a Top 10 Safety Action list that all staff and students should be following – you should have received a copy at Enrolment but if not please refer to the top of the page.

    If we all work sensibly together, we hope that the Covid-19 precautions can keep us safe, but not get in the way of education and College life.

    If you have any questions regarding the use of face coverings or any other safety measures within the College, please contact us on 01757 211040 or email info@selby.ac.uk


    Update 21/08/2020 - Induction and start dates for second years 

    Due to the COVID situation, the College has reviewed how the start of the year looks for students.

    We are really keen to welcome you back to college and make sure you are in the best position to maximise your potential in the coming year.

    At the time of writing this, it is still not clear what guidance we will have to follow in September to be able to work safely and it is possible that guidance will continue to change in the coming weeks and months. Therefore we also need to make sure that you are equipped to allow you to work independently and when necessary, from home. During second year welcome back days, we will train you how to use our systems. From September we will all be using Google Classrooms as the main support for your learning as well as other packages.

    To ensure that everybody has a good initial induction and that the college can respond to any government guidance in September which limits our capacity on site, we are planning to hold two return days for second years followed by two day inductions for new students.

    On Friday 4th September we will welcome back A Level and Level 3 Information Technology students.

    On Monday 7th September we will welcome back all other Level 3 second year students.

    On these days you will have a digital refresher, receive your timetables, and work with course staff and GST to ensure that you are ready for the coming year. You will be set up to then continue working while first years have their inductions.

    On Wednesday 16th September everybody will commence a normal timetable which may include an element of remote learning depending on the situation at the time. This will be finalised in September.

    There are no plans to change advertised term dates beyond this at the current time. We look forward to seeing you next term and will advise you if plans change in the meantime.



    Message to Current Students Ahead of the Summer Break - 29th June 2020

    Dear Student,

    This is my final e-mail to you this academic year. The College teaching year officially ends on Wednesday 1st July, just in time for more of the economy to open up, and holidays here and abroad to be possible. That’s not to say that the College closes, we will still be busy bringing some students in to finish off any remaining practical work and the staff will be busy preparing for next year, when we hope to be able to welcome all of you back onto site in September.

    I know that it has been a very strange end to the year, with none of the normal activities that signal the end of the year. We do however, still plan to have a results day for our A level and BTEC students on 13th August. We will be sending out more details soon, so please keep your eyes peeled for the details, as we would love to have as many of you as possible in for a safe and staggered results day.

    Before you start to fully switch off, please remember to contact lrc@selby.ac.uk to arrange to bring your books, devices and any other loan equipment back to College. We need everything back, even if you plan to return next year, so that we can check and upgrade it ready for September.

    Finally, I hope that you have a good summer break and recharge your physical and emotional batteries. The last 3 months have been challenging for everyone, in one way or another, and whilst things are still not normal, at least there is a greater sense of normality around the corner. Continue to look after yourselves, your loved ones and the rest of society and I look forward to seeing many of you back here again in September. For those of you who are progressing on from College, I wish you well with your future and remember that the College is still here for you, so if you need help, support or careers guidance over the holidays, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Best wishes

    Liz Ridley, Deputy Principal


    Message for Current Students - 12th June 2020

    Dear Student,

    I thought I would drop you a line to let you know that the plans are well in place for welcoming a small number of you back into College next week. Those of you who have been invited in by their tutors will know who you are and what you need to do. If you have not had contact from us, don’t worry, we are not expecting you in next week.

    Just before half-term I did a live cast, which some of you attended and addressed a number of questions that you had asked. I had planned to upload it, but then with the delay to the re-opening it was superseded. Instead I’ll address the questions in this update:

    Who will be returning and when, and how many sessions will there be during these June sessions?

    Any students invited in would be by an invite from their tutor or GST.  We are not delivering any lessons during June, so where we are inviting you in it is to help you achieve your qualification, get support and plan for progression and your future. This is why we can negotiate some of the details with you about the days and times. Any lessons and teaching will continue online.

    I’m in my first year of studying A Levels - will I need to come in on multiple days to see my tutors and GST?

    All A Level students have been offered a face-to-face review and planning meeting with each of your subject tutors either on site, or remotely via the platforms that you are using with your lecturer. Where you have requested a face-to-face meeting at College, we are doing our best to arrange them to take place in one session, while remote ones can be arranged between your subject and you as there is greater flexibility. There is no detriment to you whichever option you have chosen.

    Will students be there the same time as other students in their class/course? How will it work ensuring the students are maintaining the social distance? I'm concerned about students arriving with friends accidentally break the distancing rule by going to hug each other. 

    We are only bringing in individual or very small groups for students at one time. There are staggered start and end times and if students are in long enough to need a break, these are also staggered. All students will have a briefing prior to attending College and another on arrival. The College has undertaken detailed risk assessment and contingency plans and made sure our briefings are understandable to students. For more information, please see this webpage for a welcome and briefing from the Principal.  

    My parents must go to work and we don't own any type of private transport. In this case, can I use a public transport if mum or dad won't have a time to take me to and from Selby?

    Students can use public transport to get to College, but please let us know that is what you are planning, so we can schedule your session to avoid peak times. Remember it is mandatory to use a mask or face covering on all public transport and we would also recommend carrying a hand sanitiser and avoid any face touching. We have hand sanitisers at the entrance to each building, for all students and staff to use on arrival and departure.

    When we left college for lockdown I took home a laptop to borrow to complete my assignments, will I be given a certain date to come and bring it in?

    We will need all equipment and books back by the end of June. This will enable us to sanitise, update, refurbish and prepare for next year. You will have an arranged slot (day/time) for return. This ensures there is no queuing and to limit the numbers on site. If you are coming in for an invited session, we will use that day for handing the books and devices back in. Please email LRC@selby.ac.uk if you have any books or other college equipment that needs returning, including laptops.

    I have a College laptop on loan and am coming back to study next year, can I keep it over the summer?

    I am sorry, but we need all laptops and devices back in as soon as you have completed all your learning for this year.  We need the time to clean and update all our computers ready for next year. We have new software that needs installing ready to support  the way we plan to teach next year. If you still need a device loan next year, we will re-distribute these in September.


    We are really looking forward to seeing some of you back on site from next week, although for the vast majority of you, it will probably be August/September when you are next in College. Please do take the time to view the safety webpage which will show you a video of the site and help you realise just how much things have changed with one way systems, barriers, signage etc. The page also includes a poster with the top 10 key safety actions for the College.

    Take care and I look forward to welcoming some of you back on site next week.

    Liz Ridley, Deputy Principal


    Message for Employers from our Business Services Team - 11th June 2020


    Message for Current Students - 29th May 2020

    Dear Student,

    I hope that you have been able to enjoy your half-term break and make the most of this glorious sunny weather.  Now that outdoor exercise is unlimited and it is possible to travel further afield to take a walk, run or bike ride it feels much more inviting to be out in the sun. As I write this, we still need to maintain social distancing and limit the people we see, although the limits on the number of people will change slightly on Monday.

    As I highlighted in my e-mail on Tuesday, the plans for bringing a small number of you back onto site will now not happen until 15th June at the earliest. This is the same for both secondary schools and FE colleges and acknowledges that it is highly complicated planning your return, as it could involve public or shared transport, mixing with different groups throughout the day (A Level students) and much larger numbers of students.

    The delay to re-opening doesn’t change the way we plan to bring you in. It will continue to be by invitation only and only if there is a purpose that we can’t achieve via remote methods. This means the vast majority of you will not need to return to College for this academic year, unless it is to hand in resources such as books and IT devices. 

    If you are invited in, it will normally be for a one-to-one session in a large, pre-prepared room that has the tables and chairs socially distanced and nearby sanitisation stations. The other reason you would be invited in would be to undertake a practical assessment to finish off your qualification or apprenticeship. There are only a very limited number of students that will need to do this, as most vocational courses are making changes, such as videoing yourself doing practical assessments, so you don’t need to come back into college. If you are invited in for a practical assessment, there would only be a handful (3 or 4) students in a large practical workshop, with full social distancing and any tools that you would need to use fully sanitised, as well as hand sanitisation and a range of other preventative measures.

    Please keep checking your College e-mails, as invitations will come from your tutors and/or Guidance and Support Tutor. It is important that you respond quickly so that we can plan the best days and times with you. This is to limit the number of students on site; as well as stagger the arrival and departure times; and enable you to plan your route safely to College, as we will not be running any transport.

    If you do have books or IT resources on loan from the College and have finished for the year, please contact lrc@selby.ac.uk to let them know you are ready to hand in. They can then start planning the appointments for you to drop these off from 15th June.

    Finally, enjoy the remainder of the half-term and continue to stay safe and look after yourselves.

    Liz Ridley, Deputy Principal


    Message for Current Students - 26th May 2020

    Dear Student,

    I am writing to let you know that the Prime Minister announced on Sunday evening that the start date for bringing all students and apprentices back onto campus has been delayed until 15th June at the earliest.

    If you have received an invitation to come back into College next week, we will be contacting you to cancel and will re-arrange, closer to the 15th June.

    We will still be inviting students in receipt of additional support and high needs in from 8th June, these students and their parents will have been contacted directly by our Additional Support Team (Jon and Ruth).

    I will write later in the week with further updates.

    I hope that you enjoy the remainder of what looks like a glorious week.

    Best wishes,

    Liz Ridley, Deputy Principal


    Message for Current Students - 21st May 2020

    Dear Student,

    I promised I would write to you again this week with further updates to when and how we will re-start education during June.  As I said in my e-mail last week, it will be a gradual re-start, where students are invited in for face to face sessions that add value to them, or enable them to undertake the practical assessments to achieve their qualifications.  This will keep numbers onsite at any time very small and enable us to use our largest rooms to maximise social distancing.

    We have undertaken detailed planning during the last 2 weeks, informed by the Government and Department for Education advice and guidance, to ensure that we are minimising the risks as far as possible.  This will mean that the actions we will ask you to take, and the look and feel of the campus, will be very different from what you are used to.  I have had a number of questions asked of me, so this e-mail is to answer those points and encourage you to ask other questions

    On this Friday at 2pm I will be doing a live cast to answer the questions you have raised, so please respond to me (ridleyl@selby.ac.uk) with the questions you have and also to request a link to the live cast.  I am also happy if your parents wish to raise questions and join you on Friday afternoon. 

    Please ensure all questions and requests for access are received by 10.30 am on Friday.


    Are you stopping online learning now that lessons are re-starting on 1st June?

    We are not stopping our online learning and this continues to be the way in which we will teach those of you still on programme for the remainder of your study this academic year. We will invite you into College for a face to face session only if it is something that adds value or cannot be completed in a remote way, such as practical assessments.

    I use the public transport / college buses to reach College, are they re-starting?

    We will not be running the College buses during June, due to social distancing and the recommendation not to use public or shared transport.  Where you are invited in we would ask that you work with us and  your parents / carers in your household to arrange a day and time where you could be dropped off and picked up again.  We are not running to a timetable of lessons, so can be quite flexible about your appointment slot.

    Will the College refectory be open?

    We are not re-opening the refectory.  Most students invited in will only be in for a short period of time, usually less than 3 hours, so if you need to eat during this time, please bring your own food.  We will have separate break times and students will be encouraged to either eat within the environment they are using, or make use of our significant outdoor space when the weather allows.

    I receive free college meals / bursary what do I do if I am invited in?

    We will continue to pay your free meal funding into your bank account.  As we are not providing a food service on site, if you are invited in, it will allow you to choose what you want to eat and when.  If you receive support for transport and a member of your household is driving you in, we can reimburse your costs.  Please contact info@selby.ac.uk to find out more.

    Do you require students and staff to wear masks?

    We do not require students or staff to wear masks, but if wearing one would make you feel more comfortable we are happy for you to do so.  We will be strictly enforcing the 2 metre social distancing rules and have multiple hand sanitisers around site, as well as hand washing facilities.  Prior to attending College you will receive a detailed briefing about all the safety measures we have in place and once you arrive on site, you will have a face to face briefing to ensure you understand our expectations and rules.

    I am worried about coming back to College, if I am invited in.

    It is natural to be concerned about coming back in, after such a long time.  We will do everything we can to help and reassure you, and your parents, that we are managing everything safely to minimise any risks.  For most students  that we ask to come in, we are only likely to invite them in a couple of times during June, and it is important that if you can attend that you do.  We have invited you because we think it is in your best interest and is necessary to help you achieve or progress.   We are holding the live view on Friday afternoon, so that we can talk to you about any concerns you have raised and take on board any thoughts or comments you may have.

    I hope that this helps address some of the questions you may have about the re-commencement of education during June.  I do hope that you are able to join me on Friday afternoon, when we can look at any other questions you may have and also talk in more depth about the questions listed above.

    Best wishes and I hope to virtually see you soon,

    Liz Ridley, Deputy Principal


    Message for Current Students - 14th May 2020

    Dear Student,

    I wanted to update you with our thoughts and thinking at Selby College, following the Prime Ministers announcement on Sunday evening that schools and colleges could start to re-open from 1st June. We have waited to contact you for a few days to read and digest the advice that continues to be published, as well as have a full planning meeting, which we did yesterday. The safety of both students and staff is our highest priority.

    I want to confirm from the start, that for June we will not be returning to normal lessons and timetables, but that we will start to invite small groups of you in for face to face meetings or sessions, where we think it is in your best interest. The groups we are likely to invite in are those on one year courses or on the first year of a two year course, this may include apprentices as well as full time students. The reason you would be invited to attend College may be to undertake final practical exams; to discuss your progress and/or next steps; or to help you better access your online learning.

    If you are invited in, the College will look and feel different as we are implementing social distancing and other safety precautions. These of course are to reduce the risk of anyone who may have Coronavirus infecting others. We need to keep each other and our families safe. We are developing some briefings and updates that you would have to agree to adhere to, prior to coming onto site.

    Due to the fact that we are inviting very limited groups of students in for short periods of time, there will not be any College transport running and we will not expect students to use public transport. The College refectory will also be closed during this period, as we don’t expect students to be in for a full day. If you want/need to eat, please bring your own cold snacks. You will be able to eat in the refectory space (you must clear up after yourself) or outside.

    We will continue to pay your free college meals allowance (if applicable) during this time, whether you are in College or working online, as long as you continue to study and complete the work set by your tutors, including any Head Start work.

    We will be providing further updates over the next few weeks as we further develop our plans.

    On Friday 22nd May at 2pm, I will be doing a live discussion, where I can share further updates and you will be able to ask questions. The link will come out shortly, so please keep your eyes open for your invitation.

    Best wishes,

    Liz Ridley, Deputy Principal


    Message for Current Students - 7th May 2020

    Dear Student,

    I am writing to you during a week which really drives home to me how just much our lives have changed and how different this academic year is. This week would have seen the start of the exam season, as we moved the sports students out of the sports hall and started to get set up for our big exam sessions. This week we would have started the BTEC Level 3 controlled assessments, with GCSEs starting next week and A Levels commencing the week afterwards. To me the May Day bank holiday always makes me think of revision, nerves, last minute discussions and checks with tutors and friends about 'have I got this concept right?'; or 'do you think this book or theorist will come up in the exam?'… and that’s not just students…. staff also have the same concerns and worries that they have done their best for you.

    Our staff are still working hard to do their best for you. They are involved in detailed discussions about your performance and how you are doing; so that we can give appropriate grades to your work. This is both for our students who are due to leave us, as well as our continuing students. For those students at the end of their studies they will need their grades to go into Higher Education, get the best jobs and apprenticeships and set themselves up for the future. For those of you who have another year of study with us; due to progression or the second year of programme, you still need to show us that you are working hard developing the skills and are capable of moving through into the 20/21 academic year.

    For those of you leaving the College and looking for work, it will be challenging. All indications are that unemployment amongst young people will significantly increase, and that with many adults also out of work, the competition for all levels of jobs will be fierce. It is also anticipated that apprenticeship jobs could also be tough to find, and what jobs there are go to current apprentices who have been made redundant; as employers look to take on the most productive staff. This is why it is imperative that you do everything necessary to complete your qualifications and work hard with College staff on your progression plans. To succeed you will need to be able to sell yourself and stand out from the many other people who could have applied for the role. Work with us to update and improve your CV, think and be able to write and talk about both what you have learned and your experience; as well at the transferable skills you will have gained at college and within your life so far through hobbies and other interests. You will need to be able to apply all this to the specific work place you are applying to, and remember that many of your class mates may well be competing against you for this job.

    For those of you who plan to go to higher education, you also have things to think about and consider. There will be fewer students studying Higher Education next year, as the international numbers dry up due to Covid-19. You may want to use clearing and adjustment to change your mind. There could be a number of things you want to consider such as trading up to a higher tariff university, how well current students have been supported during the lockdown, what plans are in place for accommodation and the start of next year etc. Don’t feel you are locked into any one university, use this time to research your options and ask us for help and support, if you need it.

    I know that for our higher education students and apprentices they will have very different concerns with high numbers of apprentices on furlough and household income really impacted depending upon the sector people work in. Most of you are still working hard towards your qualifications and apprenticeships and, given the strong link in both Apprenticeships and Higher Education to future pay levels, it is really important that you continue study hard and we will support and help you achieve.

    With the nice weather predicted for the Bank Holiday on Friday, I hope that you take the time to invest in your own mental health. Take the time to spend your exercise hour in the outdoors/fresh air and use some of the techniques to focus and notice the moment. Stop and mentally list 5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can touch or feel, 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste.

    I hope that you make the most of the extended weekend and also stay safe in order to look after yourself, your loved ones and our community.

    I will write to you again next week, once we have had time to read, understand and plan for any changes, based on the Prime Minister's Sunday update.

    Liz Ridley, Deputy Principal


    Message for Current Students - 22nd April 2020

    Dear Student,

    I am writing to welcome you back to your summer term at Selby College. I hope you had a good, if very different Easter holiday and feel refreshed and mentally ready to learn again. During the Easter period quite a bit of information about exams and qualifications has come out. This will have been shared with you individually, as and when it arrived, but this e-mail pulls everything together in one place. We will set up a webpage to show course by course information, as it becomes available, but for the time being please contact your course leader or assessor, if you have any questions about your individual circumstance.

    This message is quite a long one, so I have underlined the main sections, so that you can focus on those that apply to your circumstance.

    A Level students in their 2nd Year – Level 3 students in their 2nd year - GCSE and Functional Skills students

    Over the Easter holidays, Ofqual (the body responsible for all qualifications), has announced what will happen for all students due to take exams this summer and for some qualifications that lead directly to university, such as Extended Diplomas. For these students only, their grades/results will be calculated based on the work they were set up to 20th March. This therefore means that formal teaching and grading of work is suspended as of 20th April. All of these students will have received an e-mail directly about their individual course. If you have any questions, please contact your tutor or Assessor (if you are an Apprentice doing functional skills).

    What this means in practice is that you can still work through the materials set and seek help and support from Selby College, but we can’t discuss grades or any outcomes with you from this point forward. If you have any outstanding work you need to ensure we receive it by the end of the week. For other students it is good practice to keep revisiting the learning you have completed and any work we have set that you have not yet accessed. This will ensure you keep your skill level high ready for your next steps be this Higher Education, Apprenticeship, Further Education or Employment. It also ensures that if you are unhappy with your final grade you can take a resit opportunity later in the year, as outlined in the Ofqual guidance. For those of you doing GCSE and Functional Skills, you will be encouraged to continue to access the College resources to continue to develop and enhance your skills.

    All other full time students (on one year courses at any level and/or students in the first year of a two year programme(including A Levels and Level 3)

    We are still awaiting guidance on programmes that take one year. These tend to be practical courses such as Hair, Beauty, Hospitality, Engineering, Construction etc. With these programmes you need to both know about your subject and also show you can safely and accurately complete practical tasks. Your tutors are continuing to set work to show your knowledge and understanding, but in order to get your qualification you also need to undertake a wide number of set and observed practical assignments. This means that you need to continue with your studies until we can arrange for you to complete all your practical tasks, or there is a further update from your awarding body. It is important that you continue with your studies and work with your tutors to identify which practical tasks still need completing. You will need to ensure you have completed these in order to progress to your next level, or gain an apprenticeship or employment in your sector. As young adults you need to be responsible for taking ownership, with your tutors, for getting everything completed.

    For students who are in their first year of a two year programme, you need to ensure you are engaging with all of your learning and maximising your grades. You will have a further year of study with us and it is important that you do not fall behind, as you still need to complete all your units by 2021.

    Higher Education and Apprentices

    The picture is much more varied for HE and Apprentices, so please read the information below carefully.

    For our Higher Education students due to achieve their full qualification this year there is quite a complicated picture. For those doing Access and University awards, the guidance has been published and shared with you. It means you need to finish and pass all your units to the end of the year and the QAA and University process will ensure you are not disadvantaged in your grade. For other HE students, you need to continue working through your remote learning packages and submitting work at the set deadlines, or making appropriate use of mitigating circumstances. If you have any questions, please see the HE team.

    For Apprentices the picture is the most mixed. All of you need to continue to engage with your assessor and the remote learning; even if you are on furlough. If you are due to achieve this academic year, depending upon if you are doing a Framework or Standard and also have functional skills to complete will determine your next steps. Your assessor will discuss this with you individually and set appropriate tasks and actions to ensure you achieve, where possible.

    I hope that this information helps you understand your next steps in terms of learning and submission of work.

    No matter if you are now finished with your studies and ready to go to pastures new, or continuing/progressing with us, the College continues to be there to help and support you. All of our pastoral, careers and support services continue to be accessible to you for the duration of the teaching year; so if you have any help or support needs, please contact us. We also have a range of adult courses that can be studied and marked remotely. If this would be of interest to you or your family, please find more information here

    Best wishes and continue to stay safe.

    Liz Ridley, Deputy Principal


    Message for Employers and Apprentices - 20th April 2020

    Paul Cliff, Assistant Director Business Development at Selby College, sends a supportive video message to all employers and apprentices of Selby College during the COVID-19 outbreak.

    Visit Selby College’s YouTube page to watch the full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J16U5mWvPz4&feature=youtu.be


    A message of support to all our adult learners - 6th April 2020

    To those that are already enrolled here at Selby College, and to those who are thinking about the future and asking themselves if now is the time to take the step into adult learning - we want you to know that we are here to help.

    For our current learners, we know how tough it can be to work without the opportunity to drop into the Adult Learning Hub. That is why we want to keep in touch each week by email – this is just our way of saying ‘we are here and we are listening’. Of course, we are also on hand if you would like any advice on the courses that you are doing. If you haven’t received the relevant emails it may be that we don’t have a current email address. If so, please do get in touch with us by dropping the team an email so we can update your details: adultlearning@selby.ac.uk, jarviss@selby.ac.uk or midgleyl@selby.ac.uk.

    For our current learners, we are sending out work books for the Functional Skills course in English and Maths by email, we don’t want you to feel pressure at this difficult time but it might help you to keep your minds active by using your skills. Our aim is to send out varied and interesting material – that’s our challenge! Lisa Midgley is keeping in contact with all our EDCL Learners as well – again, don’t feel pressured to, but just keep doing a little bit of practice.

    So, if you are thinking about gaining new qualifications, then now could be the right time. Whether you are currently enrolled as an adult learner or thinking about joining us, here is a reminder of what we currently offer through the Adult Learning Hub;

    • Functional Skills English Level 1 and Level 2
    • Functional Skills Maths Level 1 and Level 2
    • ECDL – a nationally recognised qualification in IT skills.

    These courses will not only boost your confidence and self-belief, but can help you build your CV and provide you with the chance to take the next step in your working life.

    Don’t forget that here at Selby College, we also offer a huge range of free Distance Learning courses. To find out more about these courses, please contact the Business Services team on 01757 211097 or email scbs@selby.ac.uk for details.

    The future looks uncertain right now, but one thing we do know is that qualifications can help.

    We look forward to welcoming our current students back later in the year, or for those that will be joining us, we will look forward to welcoming you to the Adult learning Hub before too long. 

    In the meantime, keep in touch, and stay safe everyone.

    Sarah Jarvis

    Coordinating Tutor Adult Skills


    Message for Current Students - 2nd April 2020

    Dear Student,

    I am dropping you a line just before the Easter Holidays to see how you are doing and to let you know what is happening with the College.

    Remote Learning and Contacts

    Most of you have now transitioned into your new methods of working and appear to be coping really well. All of you should have had contact from several members of the College staff, including GSTs, Tutors, Assessors and Higher Education Teachers, depending upon the course you are studying. The contact could be a combination of phone calls, e-mails, VLE/chat or MS Teams. If you have not heard from us, please check your college e-mails and also ensure your current home and mobile numbers are correct in e-tracker. The link to e-tracker is here. If your contact numbers are incorrect, please email info@selby.ac.uk with your name and the correct number and we will update it.


    Information is coming out very gradually about the wide range of exams and assessments that our student body are scheduled to undertake this year. As and when we receive information it is being shared with those students impacted, but as yet this has only affected a small number of vocational students. It is anticipated that much more information will be issued after Easter, so until then, please keep working hard towards your qualifications so that we can give the best estimates of your achievements, when asked to do so.

    Free school meals

    You will have heard about the new national Voucher Scheme for young people in schools who are able to claim Free School Meals. Unfortunately this does not extend to College students yet. For those of you who are eligible, you should have received an e-mail about the updates yesterday and we will keep you informed as things change.

    Easter Holidays

    From this Friday College staff will start to take their Easter holidays, this will mean that they will not be taking calls or answering e-mails. We will ask that staff update their automatic out of office messages to reflect when they will next be responding to e-mails. There will be a small number of staff available electronically during next week (the first week of the Easter Holidays), but from 4.30 pm on Thursday 9th April until 9am on Monday 20th April all College staff will be on leave. We will have an emergency e-mail available for students from Tuesday 14th April until Friday 17th April, which will be checked each day during office hours. This is for genuine emergencies and not for course work or assignment queries. The email address is staysafe@selby.ac.uk

    Staying Healthy and Safe

    Please read this graphic about social distancing and what it means in practice, as well as this update about good practice in using laptops and other portable devices.

    Enjoy a well-deserved break

    Finally I hope that you all take a well-deserved break from College over Easter. I know that for all of us it feels strange and that the line between study, work, home, weekday, weekend, holidays is now very blurred. We are all adjusting and trying to come up with new ways to signify the difference from one stage to the next. I take a walk after home working, so that it is like my regular commute home and by the time I walk back in the door I am ready to relax. Other people are keeping routines by the clothes they put on or even wearing their College lanyard! It is important that you look after your mental health and that of the people around you. It is tough being with the same people all the time, but we are doing this so that families will still have their loved ones around in the future. 

    So be kind to each other, but also be kind to yourself. We are all just trying to get through the best way we know how and protect those we love and those we don’t know.

    Stay safe and take care of each other.

    Liz Ridley, Deputy Principal

    Message for Applicants - 27th March 2020

    Dear school leaver,

    We would like to offer our reassurance to you in these uncertain times.

    Whilst Selby College is closed at the moment for on-site learning, our staff are still working remotely to support our existing and future students.

    We would like to reassure you that pupils will not be disadvantaged due to the GCSE exams being cancelled. This will not affect your place at Selby College.

    For those that have applied already, if you haven’t had your interview yet, we will be in touch very soon to arrange this and it will be over the telephone.

    Our entry requirements for all courses are unchanged, and we will be accepting grades issued by exam boards, which will be based on evidence which your year 11 teachers will have submitted to them. See page 6 page from our Prospectus highlighting entry requirements for each course type.

    We will absolutely act in your best interest, so you can be assured of getting on the right course at Selby College. We will work with you throughout the enrolment and induction process to provide you with the necessary support required.

    For any students who have not yet applied we would advise that you do so as soon as possible as we are still processing applications. If you were considering an Apprenticeship, we would advise that you also apply for an equivalent vocational course as back up in case there are no suitable apprenticeships available. Apply here now.

    We do have qualified Careers Advisers available should you need any advice and guidance.

    Our staff will be in touch over the coming weeks and months to help prepare and support you for your next steps.

    We look forward to working with you during this time and please do get in touch if you have any questions at all.

    Phil Sayles, Principal

    Visit Selby College’s YouTube page for more information, including a message from Selby College Principal to school leavers.

    Message for Current Students - 25th March 2020

    Dear Student,

    I am sending this message to see how you are doing and hope that you are all feeling helped and supported? If you have any problems or concerns your GST should be your first point of contact if you are a 16-18 year old learner; in most cases they will have already attempted to make contact with you via e-mail or the phone. If you are an apprentice or a HE student your contact will come via your tutor or assessor, and again they should have tried to contact you. Most of the advice in here is for all of our students, be they 16-18, Higher Education, Apprentices or Adults.

    Help and Support

    For your learning, you should now have logged into your Virtual Learning Environment and have some familiarity with it. From your VLE you can undertake your learning, submit work and also make contact with your tutors. We will be following up on students who have not accessed any of their learning, or contacted us for help; so if you are struggling or unsure what to do, please make contact with your GST as soon as possible. If you don’t know how to do that, please e-mail gst@selby.ac.uk with your name and course as the subject matter.  This will ensure your e-mail reaches your personal GST. If you are an Apprentice or adult student, including HE you will need to contact your assessor or tutor. If you are unsure how to do this e-mail scbs@selby.ac.uk for everything other than HE (for HE this is highereducation@selby.ac.uk).

    Free School Meals and Bursary

    For those of you who receive free school meals and bursary meals from College, we are working on a system to get a payment out to you. If you have free school meals this payment should come to your bank account by the end of this week or early next week. If you have bursary meals we are working on a system that we can use next week and more information will come out to you shortly. 

    We are also aware that family circumstances could have changed since the beginning of the academic year. If you have not previously claimed an FE bursary to help pay for your College lunches, but now feel you might be entitled, please e-mail info@selby.ac.uk with the subject matter as NEW Bursary claim. We will also need your age and course detailing within the e-mail. This will allow us to send you the forms you would need your parents/guardians to complete or if you are aged over 19, that you would need to complete. We intend to do a wholly digital application, so you will need to respond promptly to any requests for information.

    Exam and Assessment

    There is lots of information and detail coming in about what will happen with exams and end of year assessments. Whilst more detail is known for A Levels and GCSE there is still further clarification that will come through. For other subjects the detail is just starting to come through. As and when we know something definite, your tutors and the college managers will make contact with your group. The key message, that is consistent from all awarding bodies, is that it will be based on what you have done so far and what you will continue to do. This is why it is imperative that you are progressing with your learning and the work being set for you, and where this is not possible that you have told us quickly. This applies equally to final year students, as well as those who are in their first year or expecting to progress from one level/stage to the next. All our staff want you to achieve as highly as possible, so work with us, so that we are armed with the evidence of how well you are performing and we will be in your corner.

    Attendance Monitoring

    The College will continue to monitor your attendance by seeing who has accessed their learning, completed tasks and engaged with their GST (if they are 16-18). It remains important that if you are ill you use e-notify or e-mail to let us know if you are too unwell to undertake your learning, so that we are not chasing you unnecessarily.  The attendance monitoring is the same for all our learners.

    Finally I hope that you are all looking after yourselves and heeding the government advice to stay safe and socially isolate. This doesn’t mean that you should lose touch with each other and I know quite a few of you are using social media platforms to keep in touch and share some of the lighter side of life. If any of you are struggling, our Additional Learning Support Team, GSTs and Counselling Team are all on hand to help and support you. No matter where you are, or how you are feeling we are still your local, friendly college and here to help and support you. It is only by us all helping and caring for each other that we will get through this.

    Take care and I will catch up with you again next week.

    Liz Ridley, Deputy Principal

    Visit Selby College’s YouTube page for more information, including a message from Selby College's Principal to Vocational and A-Level students.


    Message for Current Students - 19th March 2020

    Dear Student,

    Further to my e-mail yesterday, thank you for your comments and supportive approach to what is an unprecedented event.  I promised that when I e-mailed yesterday that I would provide a further update today and I am also incorporating some answers to questions that you have asked. I would like to thank Jess Smith  and Will Matthews, as student governors, who have collated your feedback into a range of questions.

    As you are aware the College is closed from 4.30pm for all onsite learning and we will move to online learning from this point onwards. This means that all classes, practical sessions, work placements and exams are suspended, with online learning taking their place.  It is imperative that you continue to log in to the Virtual Learning Environment and your College e-mails to keep on top of the work that your tutors will be setting for you and so that you know when deadlines are due.  We will be checking to see if you are logging in and contacting you by phone if you are not, to see if you need extra help to do so.

    There are still a number of items that we are awaiting clarification on, but these are the key questions that have been asked so far:

    What should I do if I am too ill to do my online learning ?

    If you are ill you need to contact the college and let us know the nature of your illness and also when you are better again. Please use e-notify, e-mail or phone your GST to let us know you are ill and we will mark you as ill. As usual, you will be expected to catch up with any missed sessions or assignments, so that you stay on course to complete your planned learning. If you are an apprentice or a higher education student, you need to contact your assessor or tutor.

    What should I do if I need to self-isolate for 14 days?

    You still need to let us know, so we know which students may have had the virus, for when we return. As long as you still feel fit and able, you should continue with your online learning and let us know if things change.

    I receive free school meals, what will happen?

    Until the National Voucher System rolls out, we will contact those students who are eligible and arrange a direct payment into their bank accounts. Please keep checking your e-mails for further information.

    I have work experience as part of my College study, what do I do?

    The College is stopping all work experience. You must not attend after today. All the companies that provide your placements will have been contacted to let them know we have stopped placements, in line with the directive to close schools and Colleges to enable social distancing.

    Are the College buses still running?

    We have cancelled all College buses, as no students should be coming onto site.

    What is happening about exams?

    We know that there will not be any GCSE or A Level exams in May or June and that students will still be able to achieve their qualifications. However, we don’t know if different assessment methods and/or predicted grades will be used as well, or in combination. This means you still need to work hard towards achieving your qualifications. We will continue to update your predicted grades, based on the work you produce, so you still have the opportunity to improve, but if you do not put the effort in your grades can also go downwards. It is vital that you do not let your learning slip during this time.

    I am doing a BTEC that has coursework and exams, what does that mean for me?

    We understand that the assessments you have completed thus far, and that you will continue to complete and that we mark, will be used by the external verifiers to confirm your grades. As only part of your grade comes from an exam this is easier to manage, but if you don’t put the work in and get your coursework in on time, you could still fail a module and reduce your grade.  It is likely that we will have to upload all your work, so that it can be checked online, rather than someone coming in and looking at your portfolio/work product. This may mean that we will need you to work with us to ensure we are able to access all your marked work. If you fall into this category we will contact you separately about this, but please ensure you are keeping any marked work safe.

    I am doing a practical course that involves being assessed by completing assessments and treatments in a real world environment, what does this mean for me?

    Your tutors are working out what you have completed and had signed off, and what is yet to be done. We will work with your awarding bodies, once we know the next steps to enable you to demonstrate you are competent. As some of these qualifications also give a licence to practice we will probably have to bring you back in, once the closure is lifted, so that you can quickly complete anything that is outstanding.

    I am a Higher Education student, what does this mean for me?

    Your learning will also be online, in common with most universities. You will have your assessment schedule and in most cases the majority of your assignment briefs for the remainder of the year. You will need to continue to access your appropriate Virtual Learning Environment and upload any assignments via Turnitin. We will work with the Universities and Pearson to ensure your programmes and awards continue to be certificated in a timely way.

    I am an apprentice, what does this mean for me?

    We are contacting all apprentices and their employers to let them know that you will not be coming to College on day release and that we will not be visiting you in the workplace. However, we will be setting and marking knowledge and tasks remotely and undertaking discussions with you and your employer about your progress, in order to ensure that you keep learning and developing. If you are unsure or worried about anything, please contact your assessor or our Business Services Department scbs@selby.ac.uk

    I am feeling worried and concerned about all of this and need to talk to someone, who can I talk to?

    Please contact your GST if you are worried or concerned about anything. They will be phoning you for 1:1 discussions and we continue to offer other support services, such as College counselling via Skype and over the phone. Do not worry on your own, we are still at the end of a phone or e-mail to help, even though we are not in college.

    How do I phone you if the College is closed?

    The college has a phone system that we can use outside the College. This means you can still phone all the usual college numbers and we can answer and make calls, as well as let you leave messages. There may be some flexibility in when we are working, but if you e-mail or leave us a message we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    I am sure you will have other questions as well.  We are collating everything and also listening to the government updates; as things become clearer, or we have further information, we will share it with you.

    Please stay safe, look after each other and know that the College is there for you.

    Best wishes,

    Liz Ridley, Deputy Principal

    Message for Applicants - 19th March 2020

    Due to the recent announcement of schools closing and no exams taking place, we want to reassure you that this will not affect your place at Selby College. We realise these are uncertain times but would advise you to continue working hard with your school studies.

    If you haven’t already had your interview, we will be in touch very soon to arrange this and it will be over the telephone.

    If you have had your interview, we will be sending more information to you in the coming weeks.

    Please don’t worry; we are working on plans so that no student will be disadvantaged by school closures and cancelled exams. We are here to support you; if you have any questions please email info@selby.ac.uk and we will respond as quickly as possible.

    As at 18th March 2020 19.00:

    Following the announcement from the Prime Minster today, Selby College will be closing from 4.30 pm on Thursday 19th March until further notice. This change means that all teaching and learning will be done online.

    For students, this means:

    • Selby College is moving to online learning from Friday 20th March. No students will be onsite after Thursday 19th March.
    • We are being asked to provide continued support for children of key workers who have pupils with special education needs.  This means that we will make contact with parents and carers of any students who fall into this category, to see how we might support them.
    • It is imperative that students check tomorrow (Thursday 19th March) that they are able to access the necessary resources and equipment, and let tutors know if there is a problem with this.
    • Any exams scheduled for the time being, are postponed. Students must continue to work towards achieving their course, as other methods of assessment, to ensure qualifications are achieved, will be used.
    • It is vital students continue their learning, even though they will not be coming in to College. Students will still need the skills they have, and will continue to develop, for employment, progression to a higher level, and the future.

    We realise this is an uncertain time, but students, parents and employers should be assured that we will be doing everything possible to minimise disruption.

    As at 17th March 2020 20.00:

    This website page is to provide you with the latest information about Selby College’s response to the current spread of coronavirus (Covid-19). 

    We are closely monitoring the situation and following advice from Public Health England and the Department for Education.

    Our management team are reviewing regularly and updating staff, students, parents and other stakeholders. The main form of communication will be via email but we are also using this page of the College website and our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

    At the present time we will be remaining open as per the latest government advice and delivering courses onsite at our Abbot’s Road campus in Selby.

    However, if individuals or any immediate family members have either of the key symptoms of Coronavirus:

    • A new and lasting cough
    • A temperature above 37.8 degrees

    they should self-isolate for 14 days, however mild.

    Students or staff found with symptoms will be sent home.

    Hygiene stations have been installed across College to prevent spread of infections:

    • The need for good personal hygiene habits has been reinforced
    • Additional hand sanitiser stations have been installed around site including all catering outlets, first aid rooms, toilets and main reception

    What we are stopping with immediate effect:

    • Any trips
    • Inter-college sports fixtures
    • Salon and training restaurant service
    • Non-essential visitors to College
    • We will plan to move all interviews (students and for staff roles) to phone or Skype/WhatsApp etc.
    • Sports/other facilities bookings
    • Onsite events which have previously been advertised e.g. the Higher Education Coffee & Cake Drop-In Session & the Interview Skills Day

    Inevitably some lessons will be affected as some staff may have to self-isolate. We have been working hard to minimise disruption to students where possible and have been putting learning resources online to ensure students can continue with their studies. Affected student groups will be notified.

    We will continue to provide updates as and when circumstances change.

    Phil Sayles, Principal


    Friday 5 Mar 2021

  • Students get into the festive spirit with Winter Olympics Competition

    Level 2-5 Sport and Public Service Students at Selby College marked the end of term with a socially-distanced Winter Olympics competition.

    Students took part in a range of different activities within their class bubbles, including orienteering, outdoor welly wang and an egg and spoon relay. They also enjoyed virtual games such as Fifa and Wii Tennis and Bowling, as well as a quiz to end the day before the Christmas break.

    The Winter Olympics replaced the Sport Department’s annual winter volleyball competition, which could not go ahead due to Covid-19 restrictions.

    “The Winter Olympics worked really well and allowed us to incorporate both physical and virtual activities, as well as indoor and outdoor activities to ensure the students could take part safely. It was great to see our students having fun and enjoying some friendly competition with their fellow students to end what has been a difficult and challenging year. Congratulations to the Sport Year 2 students who were the overall winners of the day,” said Rich Burgess, Programme Leader for Sport and Public Services at Selby College.  

    The students also enjoyed the College’s new Orienteering facilities, which uses specialist software to create navigation points across the College’s campus.

    “Orienteering is a great outdoor activity which allowed the students to exercise both physically and mentally. The specialist software creates checkpoints across the campus so the students had to work together in teams to navigate between the points and mark them off in the quickest time possible,” added Rich.  

    In the new year, the College’s Orienteering facilities will also be open to the public to book.

    To find out more about Selby College’s Sport Department, please visit: https://selby.ac.uk/studying-at-selby-college/our-curriculum-departments/sport/

    Friday 18 Dec 2020

  • Art & Design student awarded Image of the Week by prestigious institute

    Simon Anley, Higher National Diploma (HND) Art & Design student at Selby College, has won the Image of the Week from The British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP).

    “I submitted an abstract image which I felt encompassed the meaning of the competition. The image is of local infrastructure in Selby, which I thought worked really well as it incorporates geometric lines and shapes to convey the subject, as well as leading lines to the texture material and overall feel of the piece,” said Simon.

    The BIPP is an internationally recognised qualifying organisation with experience in supporting and networking professional photographers since 1901. Simon is currently a student member of the BIPP and regularly follows the weekly competition, which addresses different photography subjects and topics.

    “It’s always fantastic to be recognised by your peers and by a professional group such as the BIPP, which has such a rich history and reputation in the photography world. It was a difficult decision for me to choose to pursue a career in photography and this goes a long way in justifying the huge decision that I made to go back into education and follow my passion. You’re never too old to follow your dreams and the HND Art & Design course at Selby College helped me to realise that,” added Simon.

    Simon is currently studying a HND in Art & Design at Selby College, whilst building his portfolio through weddings and family studio photography on a self-employed basis. The course is designed to provide students with a specialist vocational grounding in Art and Design. With a strong emphasis on the development of both individual creative practice and an understanding of professional and employment skills, the course provides students with a higher level of contextual awareness of Art and Design practices.

    “The tutors who deliver the course are extremely knowledgeable and support you in every aspect. This has inspired me to pursue a career in teaching and I will be looking to enrol on the full-time Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) course at the College next year. It has also given me the confidence and technical skills to be confident in the work place.” said Simon.

    Elaine Whitehead, Art & Design Lecturer at Selby College, said: “I’m extremely happy for Simon that his work has been recognised by such a prestigious body in the world of photography. He has done incredibly well for himself in setting up his own photography business, especially in light of the current Covid-19 restrictions, while he continues to study at the college. Both of our degree-level year groups have done incredibly in recent months and have responded really well to the mixture of both face-to-face and online learning.”

    First year HND Art & Design students are currently putting together an exhibition as part of their semester one assessment, which will be unveiled during the first week of January. The students have been tasked with producing individual work with the starting point of ‘motion’.

    The first year HND Art & Design students are currently putting together the exhibition

    Alongside this, second year students will be hosting their own virtual exhibition on Friday 8th January, which will explore ‘The Role of Technology in Art and Design’. As part of this, the students will investigate technology concepts through photography, graphics, fine art and moving image.

    To find out more about the HND Art & Design course, please visit: https://selby.ac.uk/higher-education/courses/art-design-media/hnc-art-and-design-arts-practice-2020-21-entry/

    Thursday 17 Dec 2020

  • Selby College student embarks on running challenge for charity

    Matty Pooley, BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching and Exercise Science student at Selby College, has set himself the challenge of running 2 miles every day throughout December to raise money for Dementia Forward.

    Overall, Matty plans to run more than 60-miles to raise money for the charity. He originally set out to raise £300 as part of the fundraiser and has already surpassed this, raising more than £1000 by the middle of December.

    “Dementia is such a sad illness and one that is close to me and my family. My grandad was diagnosed with Dementia at 64 years old, so we know first-hand the horrible impact this illness has on people,” said Matty. “That is why I wanted to do something to help raise money for the charity and something which I could tell my grandad all about. I know 2 miles may not seem much to some people, but for someone who doesn’t regularly exercise it is, and I wanted to keep it realistic to make sure I kept it up throughout the whole of December. I hope this can help those suffering with dementia after what has been an extremely challenging year for everyone. I know that any donations received would be greatly appreciated by the charity.”

    Dementia Forward is a local registered charity providing support and information to those affected by dementia. The charity has developed a comprehensive range of services, with people living with dementia at its heart.

    Matty is currently in his first year of studying a BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching and Exercise Science degree at Selby College. The three-year programme is designed to provide students with the key skills to work with groups and individuals across the sports industry, including both at grassroots and elite level. These skills will be developed by science-based knowledge to underpin students’ understanding and to assist them in the process of working with clients.

    “We’re extremely proud of Matty for challenging himself both mentally and physically by running over 60 miles throughout December for Dementia Forward. After what has been such a difficult and negative year for many, it’s great that Matty is going out of his way to do something positive. It will be so greatly appreciated by the charity,” said Matty’s tutor, Gabriel Horgan, Lecturer in Sport at Selby College.

    Fellow BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching and Exercise Science student, Liz Millard, recently rowed the equivalent of the Dover to Dunkirk evacuation route and back to raise money for The Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal. After rowing 93 miles, Liz and her partner Martin Field raised more than £620 for the charity.

    To find out more about Dementia Forward, please visit: https://www.dementiaforward.org.uk/


    Wednesday 16 Dec 2020

  • The gift of gifting this Christmas: Selby College supports its local community through Selby and District Foodbank donation

    Following this difficult year, staff from across Selby College have come together to support the local community by donating to Selby and District Foodbank.

    Donation boxes were set up across various College departments, in which staff donated items such as tea, coffee, tinned meat and fruit, treats, toiletries and more. 

    “Throughout what has been an increasingly difficult year, our teams have worked hard to make sure that those in need are supported. This Christmas, more people than ever are expected to need to use a food bank during the festive period. That is why we are extremely grateful for any donation, no matter how big or small, which will go a long way in helping those who need it most this Christmas,” said Cheryl Whitton, Manager at Selby and District Foodbank.

    Selby and District Foodbank is a part of The Trussell Trust, a nationwide network of foodbanks working to combat poverty and hunger across the UK. The foodbank provides three days’ nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to people in the Selby area.

     “We collect for the Foodbank at the College every year but this year in particular we have received an overwhelming response in light of the pandemic. I am enormously impressed by the generosity of our staff, with more than 63KG of items donated, the equivalent of 10 stone! This was greatly appreciated by the team at Selby and District Foodbank and will contribute to helping support the community this Christmas,” said Rebecca James, Work Placement Coordinator at Selby College, who arranged the donation.

    Instead of sending out Christmas cards this year, the College has instead decided to collect donations to support local charities, such as the Foodbank and the Spirit of Christmas charity. The College also held a Christmas Jumper Day on the 11th of December to raise money for Save the Children. Staff and students were asked to give £1 to the cause, as well as donate old or unloved Christmas jumpers for the charity.

    Matty Pooley, a Higher Education student at Selby College, has also set himself the challenge of running 2 miles every day throughout December to raise money for Dementia Forward.

    To find out more about the Selby and District Foodbank and how you can donate, please visit: https://selbydistrict.foodbank.org.uk/

    Tuesday 15 Dec 2020

  • Hospitality and Catering students take staff ‘around the world’ with international cuisine takeaway service

    Selby College’s Hospitality and Catering students have been providing staff with a taste of international cuisine with its new ‘World Takeaway’ service.

    Over the past month, students have handmade and prepared themed dishes from around the world, including Indian, Moroccan and Thai inspired food. Some of the dishes were even designed by students who originate from Thailand and Morocco, inspired by their authentic family recipes and spices.

    Thai Unleavened Bread and Popia Tod Spring Rolls as part of the Thai themed week

    The dishes – which were available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options - have been offered as part of a weekly takeaway service to staff, which has received great feedback.

     “Due to the most recent lockdown restrictions, we were unable to open our training restaurant which provides our students with the opportunity to prepare and serve their own dishes to the public. This gave us the opportunity to explore other avenues of providing a service and the ‘World Takeaway’ was a great fit. It has not only been a success with staff across the College, but it has enabled the students to explore different cultures and experiment with different foods, spices and traditional recipes,” said Adrian Dawes, Subject Leader in Hospitality & Catering.

    Adrian has previously trained with chefs who specialise in Indian cuisine, which set the tone for the theme of the first week of the service – a ‘Taste of India’.

    The Moroccan themed week was inspired by Tangier, a Moroccan port on the Strait of Gibraltar and included local dishes such as Tagine, Moroccan spiced couscous and samosas. The most recent destination on the world food tour was Thailand, which celebrated the vibrant colourful fragrant spices of lime leaves, ginger and coriander.

    The themed weeks have received fantastic feedback from Selby College staff so far:

    Debra Martin, who works in the College’s Finance Department, said: “The chicken chatt, bombay potatoes and paratha roti made by our talented students in the Hospitality and Catering Department tasted amazing. Thank you to all of the team.”

    Kirsty Butterworth, Lecturer in Biology at Selby College, said: “We really enjoyed the Moroccan themed night. We had the lamb tagine, vegetable tagine, spiced vegetable couscous, chicken samosas and vegetable samosas, courtesy of our fantastic Hospitality and Catering team. Thank you for another delicious meal.”

    Paul Cliff, Assistant Director of Business Development at Selby College, said: “The Thai themed takeaway by Adrian and the Hospitality and Catering team was fantastic and a great end of week treat.”

    In addition to the ‘World Takeaway’ service, students have also been providing a two-course ‘click and collect’ lunch menu to staff which has been very successful.

    The students are also getting in the festive spirit and are making a range of Christmas produce for staff to purchase, including homemade Christmas pudding, mince pies, rum sauce, soups and bread rolls.

    To find out more about Selby College’s Award-winning Hospitality and Catering department, please visit: https://selby.ac.uk/studying-at-selby-college/our-curriculum-departments/hospitality-catering/

    Monday 14 Dec 2020

  • Football shirts on for Selby College students, as they raise money for Cancer Research UK

    Sport students from across Selby College took part in the Football Shirt Friday campaign to help raise money for Cancer Research UK – with an amazing £134 raised so far.

    As part of this, students were asked to wear their favourite football shirts to College and donate just £1 for the privilege to raise vital funds to help tackle bowel cancer. The Football Shirt Friday campaign was set up in aid of the Bobby Moore Fund in his memory to fund pioneering bowel cancer research.

    Alongside this, the Sports Department also set up (covid-19 secure) five-a-side tournaments between the Sport and Public Service students, which included a £5 donation per-team to Cancer Research UK.

    Please find the link to the fundraising page, here: https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/selby-college

    Friday 20 Nov 2020

  • Invest in lifelong learning now to create a better future for our economy, says Selby College Principal

    Selby College Principal and Chief Executive Phil Sayles has backed a report launched by The Independent Commission of the College of the Future, which encourages a joined-up, all-age education and skills system, enabling adults to benefit from lifelong learning and addressing future skills gaps.

    This comes following the release of the English College of the Future report today, which sets out the current issues affecting the Further Education sector and how they must be overcome to achieve a skills-led recovery following the pandemic and to help to rebuild healthy, connected and cohesive communities.

    Sir Ian Diamond, Chair of the Independent Commission on the College of the Future and UK National Statistician said: “Colleges are vital yet under-utilised institutions that offer the transformational learning and support that our four nations need now, more than ever, if we are to face the long term impacts of Covid-19 and to drive a sustainable, inclusive economy. We must all commit to a bold ambition on skills. Lifelong learning is the only way to ensure people and businesses will survive the recession and thrive in the future. With the right support, colleges can deliver on this urgent need for every community.”

    The report sets out recommendations for reform and renewal of college systems, including better financial support for students, a new approach to adult learning and the adoption of a holistic approach to lifetime skills and careers guidance.

    Echoing the importance of lifelong learning and upskilling, Phil Sayles said: “As a result of Covid-19, it is likely that many people will find themselves unemployed, at a career crossroad or need to retrain or upskill. That is why it’s crucial now more than ever, that we support people in returning to education or invest in upskilling, so that they can gain the skills they need to find new work or enter high-demand sectors.

    “On the flip side, this will also reduce future skills gaps and give organisations the ability to hire people with the right skillset and attitude. Most importantly, this will contribute to and help to create the workforce of the future and rebuild the economy following the pandemic.”

    The report suggests that by allowing everyone the opportunity to learn throughout their lives, more people can progress on to more advanced levels of vocational education which will help to reduce skills gaps.  

    “That is why at Selby College we are committed to enabling learners to upskill at any stage of their lives. Whether people are looking for a way to improve their career prospects, refresh their existing skills or are looking to change career direction, we offer a range of courses and tailored support through our Adult Hub which is designed to enable learners to reach their career goals,” Phil added.

    The College also echoes the Independent Commissions’ recommendation that colleges should build links with employers to drive business and innovation and address skills gaps. The report suggests that this can be done via specialist employer hubs which can provide a unique service for employers to train and upskill future and current employees.

    “By working closely with local employers, Colleges can offer businesses a tailored service to meet their business needs. From Apprenticeships in the workplace, to distance learning and short courses, an approach such as this ensures that employers have staff with the skillset which is required to meet future demands.

    “This is something which we are already driving and growing at Selby College through our dedicated Business Services Hub, which sees the College work closely with more than 350 businesses in the Selby District. The hub has also proven to be extremely beneficial for our students, offering them apprenticeship training opportunities where they can learn from leading and sector specific businesses in the area,” Phil continued.

    Another priority recommendation from the report is the development of a 10-year strategy across each of the four nations which clearly sets out the transformational role that colleges play for people, businesses, and communities.

    “Colleges are at the heart of our local communities and are uniquely positioned to offer support to both learners and businesses in the current climate – whether that be immediate, frontline, training or upskilling support for those who need it. It is clear from the recommendations set out within the Independent Commissions’ College of the Future report that a renewed focus is needed within the Further Education sector and urgently. By investing in the sector and the delivery of lifelong learning now, we will be able to reap the benefits of this investment in the future when rebuilding the economy,” Phil concluded.

    Read the full report, at: https://www.collegecommission.co.uk/final-report-uk

    Wednesday 18 Nov 2020

  • Selby College enhances its Board with the appointment of six new Governors

    As part of its commitment to reflect the community it serves, Selby College has appointed six new Governors to its board.

    Malik Rofidi, the former mayor of Selby, has joined the board as an Independent Governor and will play a key role on the College’s wellbeing committee. This comes following the College’s recent expansion of its mental health and wellbeing offer with a new NHS-based service, as part of its ongoing commitment to supporting its students and staff. 

    “I am thrilled to be appointed as a Governor at Selby College, having worked with the College during my Mayorship in 2019-2020. In this time, I saw some of the excellent work done by the College and its staff and students and had the chance to share some moments that were certainly memorable for me,” said Malik. “Young adulthood is an exciting and important period of a person’s life and many of the foundations for the future are set at this stage. I am happy to be a small part of an institution that is integral to the lives of people experiencing this.”

    Alexandra Miles, who is the Managing Director of a Yorkshire training provider network and a consultant in the Further Education sector, has also been appointed as an Independent Governor. Alexandra, who is passionate about education and training, in particular apprenticeships, will join the College’s Audit Committee.

    “I aspire to ensure young people and adults can access opportunities to further develop themselves and gain skills and experiences that allow them to become employable, successful and beneficial contributors to our society,” said Alexandra. “Being a member of Selby College’s Governing Board is an exciting opportunity to provide support to a high-quality College and gain insights into the Further Education sector to enhance my knowledge and skills.” 

    Also joining the board as an Independent Governor is Vijay Teeluck, who will use her extensive experience in a range of educational settings and joins the Curriculum and Quality Committee. Vijay is a lecturer of Applied Mathematics and provides support to students within STEM subjects, alongside taking part in the Royal Institute’s programme of Masterclasses which aims to encourage school pupils to study mathematics.

    Appointed as an Associate Governor, Michael Clarke will also join the College’s Audit Committee. Michael has almost forty years’ experience in commerce and industry at all levels of business. Explaining why he chose to become a Governor at Selby College, Michael said: “I have a strong belief that our young people are our future and the better the education we can provide for them, the better that future we will create for them and for all of us.”

    Both Andrew Brown, Programme Leader for the IT and Computing Department and Ruth Baxter, who provides learning support for further education and adult learners at the College, have joined the Board as the College’s Staff Governors, following the Board’s decision to increase the number of Staff representatives last year.

    Andrew currently teaches across Levels 3-6 of the College’s IT and Computing courses and wanted to become a Governor to help shape and change Selby College's future and its success.

    Ruth works alongside the Learning Support Team at the College to provide personal and curriculum support, ensuring students receive the appropriate support to achieve their full potential. Ruth was previously a Head Teacher at a primary school and worked closely with school Governors on all aspects of leadership, management and governance.

    “At Selby College, our Governors are at the heart of how our College operates. That is why it’s vital that we continue to expand and evolve our governance to ensure it reflects the community which we serve, including staff representation,” said Phil Sayles, Principal and Chief Executive at Selby College. “I’m delighted to welcome our new Governors on board, whose vast experience in the education sector will prove invaluable to the College and ensuring our students receive a high-quality education.”

    As part of their roles, the new Governors will help to approve the quality strategy of the College, ensure effective and efficient use of resources, set a framework for the pay and conditions of service of all other staff and oversee the College’s activities.

    The newest appointments will accompany the College’s existing Governing board, which includes: Richard Stiff, Chair; David Harbourne, Vice Chair; Phil Sayles, Principal and Chief Executive; Will Matthews, Higher Education Student Governor and the following Independent Governors: Cllr. Thomas Gordon, David Kellett, Joe Leigh, Gordon McAlpine, Janet Waggott, Julie Watson.

    To find out more, please visit: https://selby.ac.uk/about-selby-college/governors/

    Monday 16 Nov 2020

  • Selby College student sets herself a 93-mile ‘Rowmembrance challenge’ to raise money for The Royal British Legion

    Liz Millard, BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching and Exercise Science student at Selby College, plans to row the equivalent of the Dover to Dunkirk evacuation route and back to raise money for The Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal.

    After hearing that the The Royal British Legion is unable to sell poppies in the street this year due to Covid-19, Liz and her partner Martin Field wanted to do something to help raise money for the Poppy Appeal in these difficult times.

    Liz and Martin will complete the 93-mile rowing challenge over two-days, which will work out approximately around eight hours of rowing each day. They will both row an hour on and then swap over and plan to row at a pace of 10k an hour to keep enough energy to do the full 93 miles.

    “As my life revolves around sport, the obvious choice was to choose a physical challenge, but we wanted to do something different. My partner suggested rowing the distance of Dover to Dunkirk, and to make it harder, I suggested that we should do the distance of the round trip. The Royal British Legion is close to both our hearts as my partner is serving and I work in the cadet force, which means we see the amazing things they do for serving personnel and veterans. We really wanted to give back to help the charity during this difficult time and appreciate any support in helping us reach our target of raising £250,” said Liz.

    70 Public Service and Sports students from across Selby College have also collectively rowed 52 miles to support the cause.

    Liz is an officer in the Army Cadet Force (ACF), which is a youth organisation for 12-18 year olds. She is also the County Sports Officer for Humberside and South Yorkshire ACF and is currently studying BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching and Exercise Science at Selby College. Liz’s partner Martin is a full-time reservist in the Yorkshire Regiment and is also a part of the 4 Brigade Cadet Training Team.

    Humberside and South Yorkshire set companies, adults and cadets a challenge to try and raise money for The Royal British Legion this year. Due to many people being unable to leave their homes as they normally would to find a poppy, and with many of the charity’s collectors unable to carry out face to face collections, the charity has asked people to show their support remotely or in any way they can.

    “Initiatives such as the Poppy Appeal were set up in difficult times such as the ones we are currently facing to help those in need. Therefore, it is amazing to see one of our students going above and beyond and even more impressively, thinking outside of the box to raise money for the appeal in current circumstances. We wish her the best of luck for the challenge and will be backing her all the way,” said Carla Cantrell, Curriculum Manager at Selby College.

    Liz and Martin will carry out the two-day challenge on Saturday, 12th December and Sunday, 13th December at station 14 Functional Fitness in Goole.

    To find out more about the fundraiser, please visit: https://bit.ly/3oJ4viU

    Wednesday 11 Nov 2020

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