Travel & Tourism students take flight at Heathrow

Last month, nine students on the Year 1 Level 3 Travel & Tourism course at Selby College were given the opportunity to spend a full day at London Heathrow Airport, training with British Airways staff as part of their NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Introduction to Cabin Crew.

In addition to the Level 3 Travel & Tourism course, students complete a Level 2 Cabin Crew course in their first year. The theory is delivered in the classroom by highly experienced British Airways Senior Cabin Crew member Jo Morris, before the practical elements are completed during a day-long visit to Heathrow, using British Airways’ full range of training services and facilities to gain a first-hand insight into the day-to-day role and requirements of cabin crew.

British Airways trainers Kirsty Corden and Louise Fletcher were very impressed with the students’ knowledge and enthusiasm, commenting on their exemplary behaviour and eagerness to take part in the practical elements and answer questions.

The visit includes time in a flight simulator to replicate what would happen during an emergency situation and landing, as well as how to take the brace position and use an evacuation chute to quickly and safely get out of a plane. They also had the opportunity to operate a floatation raft, give passenger instructions on board and follow the emergency procedures if a pilot is to be taken ill.

The students learnt how to walk through a smoke-filled cabin, as well as how to safely extinguish a fire in the galley wearing appropriate safety outfits and also use the security checks they had been taught as part of the theory section of the course.

Speaking of the group, Jo said: “I’m extremely proud of all the students, I was very impressed by the level of preparation they had put in beforehand to ensure they got the most out of the day at Heathrow with our trainers.”

Each student received a certificate at the end of the training course which is recognised and highly valued by employers. This gives our students a huge advantage when applying for jobs in the industry as they can also talk about their hands-on experience at British Airways.

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Published: Thursday 21 Jun 2018