Selby student celebrates offer from Cambridge

A bright A Level student from top-performing Selby College is celebrating this week after discovering that he has been offered a place to study at one of the UK’s most prestigious institutions, the University of Cambridge.

Former Brayton Academy student Oliver Seaman is set to embark upon a three-year degree programme in Mathematics, joining the university’s Corpus Christi College from October.

The 17-year-old, who is currently studying A Levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics at Selby College, attended an interview at the university back in December, where a panel of staff posed a number of perplexing mathematical questions and judged Oliver on his ability to explain how he would tackle each problem based on both his existing knowledge and innate problem-solving ability!

Thanks to mock interviews and exam preparation arranged by his college lecturers and application advice from his Guidance and Support Tutor at college, Oliver was able to remain calm under the pressure at his interview and says he enjoyed the process although it felt surreal.

Oliver said, “I’m really looking forward to studying at Cambridge! The interviews were intense but I think I went into them with the right approach and was just myself. The mock interview I did with one of my Maths lecturers and the videos I watched definitely helped to prepare me for what to expect.”

Sam Hunter, Lecturer in Mathematics at Selby College said, “Oliver has an innate affinity for Mathematics. He is also naturally inquisitive, always trying to describe the world around him mathematically. I am so pleased that Oliver is being considered for a place at the University of Cambridge; I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a chance to put their highly skilled mathematical brain to the challenge!” Sam added: “I have no doubt that he will relish his future challenges there, and thoroughly enjoy studying such a rich and rewarding subject at the same time. Congratulations to Oliver!”

Principal and Chief Executive Allan Stewart OBE said, “We are thrilled to see another Oxbridge success story at Selby College. We wish Oliver the best of luck with the final few months of his studies, and look forward to celebrating with him on Results Day in August.”

Oliver is still unsure about his future career plans, but aims to grab every opportunity that university life offers him, and is excited to see the employment prospects that will arise after completing his studies.

Published: Wednesday 31 Jan 2018