Autumn Term 2018-19

26 July, 2018 to 31 August, 2019

AUTUMN TERM – Thursday 11th Sept – Friday 21st Dec 2018

Bank Holiday                                                        Mon 27th August

Curriculum staff expected to be in                          Tues 28th onwards

First Year Enrolment                                             Tues 28th August – Wed 5th September

HE enrolment (evening)                                         Thurs 6th September

Part-time enrolment                                               Wed 1st August onwards

Part-time Evening enrolment                                  Mon 3rd September

A Level 1st Years’ Welcome Days                            Thurs 6th / Fri 7th September

Vocational Welcome                                             Mon 10th September

Evening classes start                                            Tues 11th September

All students start                                                   Tues 11th September

HE Award (afternoon)                                             Fri 12th October

Open Evening                                                       Mon 22nd October

Half Term – last student day                                  Thurs 25th October

Staff Training Day                                                 Fri 26th October

Half Term (Students) – Friday 26th Oct – Friday 2nd Nov 2018 (inclusive) 

Students return                                                     Mon 5th November

Opening Morning                                                  Sat 10th November

Parents Evening                                                   Mon 3rd December

Parents Evening                                                   Mon 10th December

FE Student Awards Evening                                  Fri 14th December

Last day of Term                                                   Wed 21st December

Bank Holiday                                                        Tues 25th, Wed 26th December

College closure days                                             Thurs 27th,  Fri 28th December

Bank Holiday                                                        Tues 1st January 2019

Christmas Break (Students) – Mon 24th Dec – Fri 4th Jan 2019 (inclusive)