Results advice

What to do on Results Day...


1. See the course adviser once you have your GCSE exam results. Even if your results are not what you expected, this doesn’t mean you cannot enrol on a course at top-performing Selby College.

2. Call us urgently on 01757 211040, we're seeing students on GCSE Results Day, Friday and Saturday morning and we’ll make you an appointment to see one of our careers advisers.

3. Make your appointment to visit Selby College here at school today, or alternatively phone us on the above number when you get home.

4. Arrive at Selby College for your appointment. You will need to show proof of your exam results during the visit. You can bring your parents, a guardian or carer to the meeting. The visit could last up to one hour depending on what you want to discuss.

There is something for everyone at Selby College, your local college. Contact Student Services: Tel 01757 211040 or email to discuss 'A' Levels, Vocational Courses and Apprenticeships. This website also has more information, see the links back on the home page.

We look forward to seeing you soon!