Access to Higher Education: Psychology (Humanities and Social Sciences)

This programme will begin in September 2020.

This pathway enables you to develop your knowledge of a range of psychology related subjects for progression to higher education degree-level courses.  It is designed specifically for adults 19+ who wish to develop their academic practice to prepare for admission to Higher Education, particularly onto psychological-related courses.  The programme offers students the opportunity to develop a range of academic and study skills to prepare for progression. You will be introduced to some of the theories regarding human behaviour and experience, and will explore some of the explanations psychologists make to understand humans and their interactions with the world.

The units have been chosen to provide a good understanding of a variety of psychological pathways such as:

  • Forensic and criminal.
  • Clinical
  • Educational
  • Occupational

A wide variety of psychology related degrees will also be available to you by following this pathway, for example:

  • Child & Family Studies
  • Psychology & Crime
  • Health & Social Care
  • Counselling
  • Occupational therapy
  • Human services
  • Sociology

Following your application to an Access HE course, you are strongly advised to research the individual entry requirements for the HE courses and universities you wish to progress to.