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Essential Digital Skills

Course Background:

Research suggests that over 11 million people in the UK do not have the digital skills necessary to succeed in the workplace or to actively engage with an increasing range of digital services.

Course Description:

This qualification enables learners to develop a range of digital skills including:

  • Working with digital devices
  • Solving basic technical issues
  • Safely carrying out online transactions
  • The safe viewing and sharing of digital content
  • Creating, editing and storing digital media


The course is flexible so can be completed in your own time. It is modular in nature with the commitment being equivalent to 50 hours of learning.

Target Group for Qualification: These qualifications have no formal entry requirements but are aimed at a range of learners, who:

  • Have no or limited experience of using digital devices
  • Require skills to
    • Apply for government funding
    • Manage finances
    • Progress in work or further study
    • Communicate with family, friends, colleagues and peers who are at a distance

Delivery and Assessment:

Programme delivery will include a combination of structured learning materials and face-to-face delivery with the opportunity to access regular support through the college’s adult learning hub.  Each unit is assessed through the completion of skills and knowledge online assessments provided by BCS.


The programme will lead to a BCS Entry Level 3 or Level 1 Awards in Essential Digital Skills for Work and Essential Digital Skills for Life.


The courses are available at two levels and the most suitable programme for you will be discussed with our adult learning hub team. Progression may be to the next level of qualification, onto higher-level IT qualifications or a number of other college programmes.

Course Fees:

The cost of the programme will be based upon personal circumstances and for a number of learners will be free. You will need to contact a member of the team at adultlearninghub@selby.ac.uk or 01757 211097 to discuss your personal circumstances.