What happens next?

The Search Committee is a formally constituted body of the Corporation whose remit is to identify and recommend the appointment of new Board Members (apart from student or staff members).

Following an "expression of interest" the Director of Governance will provide you with any further information required including time commitments involved.

If you then decide to move on to the next stage, you would be asked to formally apply for membership by letter or e-mail. Included in this should be your reasons for applying and details of the skills, experience and qualities you could offer.

In general, no formal qualifications are required. However the Search Committee does operate according to a skills matrix and will seek candidates with professional qualifications such as accountancy, law, marketing, personnel to fill specific vacancies, although these are generally not pre-requisites.

At this stage your application will be considered by the Search Committee and you may be invited for an initial interview. If necessary you may be asked to attend a second interview.

The proceedings of the Search Committee are conducted in strict confidence. No information given to, or obtained by, the Committee is used for any purpose other than the consideration of candidates for appointment as Corporation Members. The process itself is not confidential and there is no reason why you should not mention to others that you have applied for membership.

If the Search Committee concludes that you are personally suitable for appointment, and there is a current vacancy, they would recommend your appointment to the Corporation. If there are no current vacancies they would keep a record of your application and approach you, if a vacancy occurred in the future. However, it is important that the composition of the Corporation broadly reflects the community it serves in terms of age, gender, geographical spread, experience etc, and the Search Committee will take account of this in deciding who they recommend for appointment to the Corporation.

Access to Meetings
There is no public access to meetings of Selby College Corporation, unless by invitation or prior agreement with the Chair.

If anyone would like further information about governance at Selby College,
or to communicate with Corporation Board Members, please contact:

Jeanne Woolford, Director of Governance, Selby College, Abbot's Road, Selby. YO8 8AT
Tel: 01757 211042
Email: woolfordj@selby.ac.uk

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