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Single Equality Scheme

Selby College has researched, developed and consulted upon a Single Equality Scheme (SES) which demonstrates our commitment to equality and diversity for all stakeholders learning and working at Selby College.

The SES sets out to positively meet the requirements of statutory duties under existing equalities legislation and the new Equality Act 2010. The Scheme will also incorporate the college's commitment toward the Socio-Economic Duty. It brings together our Equality & Diversity Policy, Disability Equality Scheme and Gender Equality Scheme and applies to all members of the college community including learners, staff, the Corporation, parents, partners and community members.

The SES describes our commitment to ensure we fulfil our legal duties to eliminate unlawful discrimination and harassment, promote equality of opportunity, promote good relations and positive attitudes between people from diverse backgrounds regardless of race, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or belief and socio economic background. The Single Equality Scheme is linked to the Equality & Diversity Action Plan which sets out how the college intends to implement the Scheme over the next three years. Progress against the Scheme and Action Plan will be reviewed annually.

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