05.03.2021— We're ready to start welcoming you back into College from Monday 8th March, so that each student will have at least one week of education in College before Easter. Read more

College Mission

Like all successful organisations, Selby College has a mission, vision and wants our customers and stakeholders to know what we value.


Mission (why we are here)

  • Make a positive difference to people’s lives through education, skills and training, to help them achieve their full potential


Vision (what we are aiming for)

  • To be our area’s first choice for education, skills and training


Values (how we do things)

In all that we do:

  • Put students first
  • Pursue excellence
  • Deliver an education offer that is inclusive
  • Act with integrity, honesty and respect
  • Work with drive, passion and determination
  • Use resources wisely and fairly
  • Take responsibility for our actions


Strategic Goals: the economy, society and resources

  • To work collaboratively and positively in our area to:
    • Promote aspiration, opportunity and the most ambitious outcomes possible for our students
    • Increase success, happiness, social mobility, inclusion and cohesion in our communities
    • Play our part in the wellbeing and safety of our students
    • Develop further our positive working relationships with local schools to open up the full range of opportunities for young people


  • To work collaboratively and positively in the locality and region:
    • With councils, Local Enterprise Partnerships and other organisations, to draw in funding and other benefits for the college, our students and our area
    • With employers of all sizes, to support their skills needs, create benefits for our learners and create partnerships which can promote education, skills and career routes


  • To use and develop the resources we have in the best way to deliver the most effective and relevant education.