Selby Community Primary School celebrate joining Selby Educational Trust

In June 2017, Selby Community Primary School agreed to convert to an Academy and on Friday 1st December it officially became the first school to become part of the new Selby Educational Trust (SET), working alongside top-performing Selby College.

Selby Education Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust that receives state funding. SET was formed to support schools in Selby and outlying areas to increase the learning potential of each child by helping them succeed in each of their subjects, building their levels of motivation and confidence and raising their aspirations to progress to higher levels of study.

Each partner joining SET will seek to be transformational and strive for outstanding all-round achievement and success. Staff will share their expertise, high-performing educational values, knowledge and skills and inspire a culture of collaboration.

Friday’s launch event saw staff from both Selby Community Primary School and Selby College, along with members of SET and students of the primary school gather in their school hall for celebratory photographs and refreshments. This was followed by speeches from Allan Stewart OBE, Principal and Chief Executive of Selby College. Allan said: “We are delighted that Selby Community Primary School have joined Selby Educational Trust. We hope that this is the first of many local schools to join the trust and I look forward to the strong working relationship we will have with this primary school.”

Ian Clennan, Head Teacher at Selby Community Primary School confirmed that following the period of public consultation all parties agreed for the school to become an academy, saying: “In order to grow and prosper, we needed to build on the many successes we have already achieved. When the opportunity arose to work alongside Selby College and other local school partners as part of Selby Educational Trust, we knew this was by far the right choice for us.”

Ian added, “We are proud to become the first school in Selby Educational Trust. Everything has gone smoothly and the way it was promised. The school is still the same as it was yesterday, our teachers are still providing the same high-quality education as they always have been, but the Trust will allow us thrive in ways we could not have previously imagined.” 

Francis Loftus, Chief Executive of Selby Educational Trust was delighted to welcome Selby Community Primary school to the partnership, saying: “Whilst it will be business as usual for the school pupils, behind the scenes, we will be busily developing ways to share resources, enhance teaching and learning for children and young people, develop new ideas and ways of working, all to achieve a common aim of ensuring all schools participated are judged excellent and provide outstanding services that are second to none.”


Published: Tuesday 5 Dec 2017