New Selby-based Education Trust Offers Excellence

The first step to ensuring local schools are judged excellent was announced late last week when Selby Community Primary School proposed joining Selby Educational Trust, working alongside Ofsted-Outstanding Selby College, to improve educational services locally.

Selby Educational Trust is a Government-funded Multi Academy Trust; a collaborative partnership allowing school and college partners to learn from each organisations’ best teaching practices and experiences, creating in the process educational excellence.

Ian Clennan, Head Teacher at Selby Community Primary School, said, “We will be hosting a special Parents’ Meeting on Thursday 18th May at 9.00am to discuss the proposal further. By joining Selby Educational Trust, our school will be part of a larger organisation with a deliberate Selby focus, with each partner benefitting and contributing to a shared vision that every child in Selby and the surrounding area deserves a high-quality education. If plans proceed, it means we can maximise young people’s achievements, shape their lives and by doing so help transform the community we jointly serve.”

Francis Loftus, Chief Executive of Selby Educational Trust said, “It was great news to hear that Selby Community Primary School had agreed to join this new education partnership. Selby Educational Trust aims to grow by supporting a small number of other schools in the area. The Trust provides high levels of support to the Head Teachers and individual schools in a context or earned autonomy.”

Francis added, “Each partner has the potential to both provide and receive support from other partner schools and the college, offering excellent opportunities for development and growth within the Trust. Acting as a critical friend, the Trust will provide high levels of support, setting and monitoring key targets to drive up performance whilst providing training and professional development and a highly supportive environment, allowing Head Teachers and senior teams in schools to focus on the core values of teaching and learning."

Published: Tuesday 2 May 2017