Will Rice...Found His Passion Studying Music Technology


  • Name: Will Rice
  • Former School: Howden Secondary School
  • Class of: 2011
  • Studied: Music Technology
  • Doing What? Just graduated from LIPA & won the Sennheiser Student Achievement Award

Will Rice has always been a talented musician and gifted academic but finding a career path that would allow him to pursue both proved tricky. That was, until he discovered the Music Technology course at Selby College.

He said, “Music Technology gave me the tool to experiment with system building, audio networking and sound recording, while applying Physics theories about acoustic properties and developing my understanding of digital audio techniques.” These skills proved invaluable in securing Will his first choice of university place at the prestigious Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) where he has just successfully completed a three year Degree in Sound Technology winning the Sennheiser Student Achievement Award for Product Knowledge and Sound Engineering. Will now has his mind set on a career in the music industry either as an Engineer on a large-scale touring event or as the Head of Sounds at a large theatre.