Luke McKeown...Found a Passion for Understanding the Mind


  • Name: Luke McKeown
  • Former School: Brayton High School
  • Class of: 2012
  • Studied: A Levels
  • Doing What? BA (Hons) Psychology at Newcastle University

When Luke McKeown enrolled at Selby College in September 2010 he knew he was attending one of the best college’s in the area and that it was particularly well known for its success in Maths and Science, two of his favourite subjects.

Now in the middle of his Psychology Degree at Newcastle University, Luke said; “Little did I know that a last minute change of subject from Physics to Psychology at college would dramatically alter my entire academic life. However, there is such a variation when it comes to Psychology, there will always be modules you like and others that you dislike, but Psychology gives such a wide array of future possibilities that you could do almost anything that interests you.”

In fact, after completing his Degree Luke hopes to continue his future in Psychology and study human emotion in greater depth.