Faye Hindle...Found Experience Working with a Top Fashion Designer


  • Name: Faye Hindle
  • Former School: Brayton High School
  • Class of: 2010
  • Studied: BTEC National Diploma in Fashion & Clothing
  • Doing What? Studying BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Marketing at the University of East London. 

At 16, Faye Hindle was incredibly focused. She knew she wanted to study Fashion and she was determined that should be the main focus of her education which is why she chose the BTEC National Diploma in Fashion & Clothing at Selby College.

Unlike other courses in the region, Selby College offered Faye the chance to really hone her skills and prepare for a career in the industry. She said, “When I was about to leave school, I looked at many other colleges but their Fashion courses were more art based. Selby College gave me the freedom to be creative and to debut my first six look collection in front of a large audience.”

That creative experience provided a great starting platform when Faye progressed on to university where she quickly discovered that many of her peers did not have any actual design or manufacture experience as they’d come straight from ‘A’ Levels.

Faye’s head start gave her the confidence and experience to seek out new opportunities, including landing her her first big role with Designer Gareth Pugh.

Looking ahead Faye is keeping her feet firmly on the ground and her sights fixed on a Master’s Degree, but says the skills and experience she learnt both at Selby College and in the subsequent years have taught her that it’s never easy in the Fashion world and you have to remain focused and work hard at all times.