Engineering Students...Found a Career at Drax Power Station


  • Name: Level 2 & Level 3 Engineering Students
  • Class of: 2012
  • Studied: Engineering
  • Doing What? Working in a variety of roles across the industry

Developing links with key local businesses is crucial 
for securing future employment opportunities for students and this is something that Powerskills UK 
takes very seriously.

Through its work with suppliers in the power industry, Powerskills UK helped around 20 local Engineering students in 2012, to secure employment or further training with companies like Drax Power 
Station, Doosan Power Systems, TATA Steel, OMEC Engineering and the United States Navy, to name but a few.

The successful students had to beat of fierce competition to secure their positions, but their efforts have been rewarded with a fulfilling career that will see them develop into craftsmen and professional engineers, boasting rapid career advancement and large salaries to match.

Meanwhile the Powerskills UK team continues to build on its relationships within the industry to ensure it can deliver quality
people into the workplace and maintain its first-class reputation.