Alexander McCreadie...Found the Determination to Follow His Dream


  • Name: Alexander McCreadie
  • Former School: Selby High
  • Class of: 2014
  • Studied: Diploma in Public Services
  • Doing What? Enrolling in the Army

Alex McCreadie had always been interested in the Army so after trying out ‘A’ Levels and finding they weren’t for him; it was no surprise that he chose to enrol on the Diploma in Public Services at Selby College.

The course, which focuses on the skills needed to undertake a career in any of the UK’s Public Services, was a real eye opener for Alex and helped him realise what he wanted to do. He said; “I learnt a lot during my time at Selby College, the course helped me to become more disciplined and focused and also helped me to understand the importance of remaining calm under pressure.”

These skills proved invaluable to Alex during his time as an Army Cadet where he gained a Cadet Radio User qualification and took part in numerous competitions including the County Cross Country Competition which saw him scoop victory and a spot in the regional contest later in the year.

Alex is about to join the Army but hopes his experience at Selby College and in the Cadets will hope him achieve his dream of becoming a Royal Signaller and take on a more specialised role such as that of a Paratrooper or Commando.