Autumn Term 2017-18

22 August, 2017 to 31 August, 2018

Autumn Term - Monday 11th September - Wed 20th December 2017

Bank Holiday                                                Mon 28th August

Curriculum staff expected to be in               Tues 29th Aug onwards  

First Year Enrolment                                     Tues 29th August –

                                                                     Wed 6th September

HE Enrolment (evening)                                Thurs 31st August

Part-time enrolment (evening)                     Mon 4th September

A2 Enrolment                                               Tues 5th September

First Years' Welcome                                    Thurs 7th/ Fri 8th September

Vocational Welcome (Yr 1)                           Mon 11th September

Evening classes start                                    Tues 12th September

Year 2 students start (All)                             Tues 12th September

Freshers' Fair                                                 Tues 12th September

Open Morning ('A' Levels)                             Sat 21st October

Open Evening (Vocational)                            Mon 23rd October

Half Term – last student day                         Thurs 26th October

Staff Training Day                                         Fri 27th October

Half Term (Students) – Fri 27th October – Friday 3rd November (inclusive)

Students return                                           Mon 6th November

Open Evening                                              Mon 6th November

HE Graduation Ceremony                           Fri 17th November

Parents Evening (surnames A-L)                 Mon 4th December

Parents Evening (surnames M-Z)                Mon 11th December

Awards Evening                                           Fri 15th December

Last day of Term                                         Wed 20th December

Bank Holiday                                              Tue 26th December


Christmas Break (Students) – Thurs 21st Dec 2017 – Wed 3rd Jan 2018 (inclusive)