Contact Details

Selby College, Abbot's Road, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 8AT

Main Reception

Tel: 01757 211000

To report an absence contact Student Services

Tel: 01757 211053 

For information about courses contact Student Services

Tel: 01757 211040 | email:

For information about higher education courses contact the Higher Education Office

Tel: 01757 211114 | email:

For information about Employer/Employee Training contact Selby College Business Services

Tel: 01757 211097 | email:

For information about Apprenticeships contact Work Based Learning

Tel: 01757 211097 | email:

For information about staff vacancies contact Personnel

Tel: 01757 211015 | email:

For press enquiries contact Marketing

Tel: 01757 211048 or alternatively 01757 211067

For feedback about our services and the college facilities, please contact Robert Tansey, Director of Marketing and Learner Services

Tel: 01757 211067 | email: